Rhinestones for Face Makeup Ideas

rhinestones for face makeup idea, face jewels

While a lot of women like the idea of using glitter on their face, rhinestones face makeup ideas are coming up as well. Using rhinestones on face is definitely a challenge at first, but there are some great methods you can use for rhinestone face designs and they are all worth it.

Why should you opt for the rhinestones for face makeup?

The thing to note about this makeup is that it offers something different to the table. It looks great, and at the same time it offers a huge range of possibilities. That alone makes it well worth your time. However, you do need to make sure that the face rhinestones are properly attached to your face. Normally you will have the right instructions in the rhinestone makeup package.

rhinestones for face makeup idea, face jewels

Different types of rhinestones makeup: face jewels & body jewels

There are so many kinds of rhinestones makeup package you can find in the market and they called it facial jewels or face gems. Besides the rhinestones for face, there are also package for your body. The sparkle gems just look fantastic when going to a festival or night party!

body jewels makeup

face jewels makeup

What kind of rhinestones do they use?

You may curious about the rhinestone they used for makeup. Why can they be so light and stick on the face? Normally, they use plastic rhinestones made from acrylic or resin. These materials have the characteristic of transparent, light and shiny. And they are affordable and economical.

Manufacturers design different kinds of flat back rhinestones in single pieces of stickers. These stones have a self-adhesive backing. You don’t need to think of any design. You can just put the whole pieces of rhinestones in the place you want.

Is this safe?

Yes, there are no downsides if you choose to have a rhinestone makeup. In fact, there are so many rhinestones on face ideas that you will have no problem finding one to enjoy. But this is perfectly safe, so don’t worry about it. These wash off quickly and without any problem.

As you can see, using the rhinestone makeup is maybe the edge you want when it comes to standing out in front of other people. There are some amazing rhinestone face designs you can use, in fact you can check some of the ideas listed below. Rest assured that this is a fun makeup to have, even if it involves a bit of work to make it look amazing!

Design your own rhinestones makeup?

You can see there are so many options for rhinestone makeup design. But if you are a rhinestone makeup designer, you may want to look for more possibilities. 

Using acrylic stones as face makeup gems or body jewels is a good option when designing new patterns. They are light and with a wide selection of shapes and colors. It easy to mix and match the colors and shapes and make some cool designs.

flat back beads round shape
flat rhinestones triangle
flat beads without holes oval shape
acrylic gemstones flat back drop pear shape
flatback rhinestones wholesale horse eye shape
flat back beads oval shape check cut
flatback rhinestones square
acrylic gems flat back baguette
flat back acrylic rhinestones bulk round

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Acrylic Rhinestone without Holes

The reflection of the rhinestones appears differently between flat back and point back. With diverse colors and effects, our rhinestones could present the brilliance like diamond or simplicity like stone.

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