Become a Rhinestone Wholesale/Retail Distributor for SUNMEI

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If you are running a wholesale retail rhinestone business,
then the following questions should be familiar for you:

  • Suppliers always provide the same samples and lack of new product
  • Sometimes the factory is not responsible for any problems with the products
  • My customer is in a rush for products, but the delivery time is too long and I lost the order in the end
  • I ordered a lot of goods from the factory and my warehouse is running out of space!



  • I already have glass rhinestones, but I want to add more production lines
  • I don’t have much money at the moment, but there is a market and I want to expand a store

If you have asked yourself any of these, then you are welcome to cooperate with us!

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SUNMEI has been specializing in button and acrylic rhinestone manufacturing for more than 20 years. Currently, we are looking for overseas dealers. You are welcome to work with us, enrich your product lines and be more competitive!

Why work with us?

1. We continuously launch new products, so you can meet customer needs

If you are a wholesaler, you can understand the importance of continuous product innovation. The needs of customers are ever-changing and designers are looking for new design inspirations every year. You probably do not want every customer to come to a shop that never changes. We regularly launch new products and will certainly enrich your product line and provide customers with new accessories selection.

2. A complete selection of acrylic rhinestones, you can have a rich product line

Different types of customers need different types, styles or colors of rhinestones. Some people require premium Swarovski crystal rhinestones, while others require regular plastic rhinestones. Perhaps you have a full range of glass rhinestones, but you still lack a more affordable acrylic rhinestone. We offer a full range of acrylic rhinestones in different shapes, sizes or color effects.

rhinestones wholesale distributor
Other than the basic round shape, there are different choices of horse eyes and different shapes, etc.
rhinestones wholesale distributor-color chart
We don’t just have basic colors, but also rich color effects.

3. Standardized production, stable quality, rest assured you will make sales

The cooperation between wholesalers and factories requires a long-term and stable relationship. In the process of contacting with customers, we found that the biggest concern of the wholesaler was the unstable size or color of the rhinestone. If the quality is not stable, wholesalers find it difficult to sell, it is more difficult to explain to customers, and it causes customers to return products. 

Our acrylic rhinestone is made by standardized production, through ERP system to grasp each batch of product specifications and rhinestone quality. Moreover, each batch of production has its batch number, which can be accurately tracked.

4. Inventory is available and low MOQ, lower your order costs

For wholesale importers, it is important to know whether the factory itself has inventory or provides services for small orders. If you cooperate with a factory with inventory, you will not have to worry about high order quantity and high order cost, and you can order more easily.

Our products are all produced through planned production, with 2,000 square meters of inventory space, a complete inventory. You can lower the cost of your orders by ordering a variety of products with low order quantity.


More information about fewer quantity but more variety of need, please read this article.
>> Can I buy assorted rhinestone bulk?

rhinestones wholesale distributor-packing batch number
Each batch of production has its batch number, which can be accurately tracked.
sunmei button warehouse
2,000 square meters of inventory space, a complete inventory.

5. Experienced in exporting, 100% professional service

Since 1997, our products have been exported to Europe, the US, Southeast Asia, South America, and other regions. Our salesmen are familiar with all export processes, can provide you with professional services, you can rest assured that the shipment with us.

Our product line

SUNMEI has two major product lines: buttons and acrylic rhinestones. The main products are acrylic rhinestones, sew on stones, claw rhinestones, and various buttons, which are widely used in clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, wedding dress, jewelry, and more.

Want to see more products?
You’re welcome to browse the product introduction page

What services do we offer?

  • We regularly launch new products: we regularly develop new products, providing you with a complete new product catalog and introduction
  • Product picture file: if you are running an online store, we can provide you with the complete product picture material.
  • Customized packaging: if you operate retail stores and have DIY small packaging needs, we can customize packaging for you
  • Industry new knowledge sharing: we have been focusing on buttons and acrylic rhinestones for decades, we regularly share professional knowledge.

You are different from other customers

If you become our partner dealer, you will have additional benefits:

  • A favorable and competitive price
  • A full range of product catalogs
  • Receive the new product catalog in advance
  • Other customized services

Want to be our distributor? Contact us now!

If you wish to work with us for a long-term and want to know more details, feel free to contact us!