SUNMEI ACRYLIC RHINESTONE is a specialized rhinestone manufacturer that provides the widest selection of rhinestones. Please contact us directly and advice your needs. Our professional sales are always ready to help you.

We provide a wide range of sew on stones, including sew on rhinestones with two or one holes, claw rhinestones, pendants and stones in sew on settings. They are all suitable to sew on fabric or clothing. You can visit our product page or contact us directly.

All SUNMEI rhinestones have a standard package. The number of packages varies depending on the size of the product. It is from 5000pcs/bag to 50pcs/bag. Some of the larger sizes rhinestones are packed in 2-4 pcs in a bag. We set the number of packages with our extensive experience.

Yes, we do. We use carton cases, bubble wrap and sometimes small paper boxes to reduce damages while transportation. To make the transportation easier and more secure, we also use packing straps.

sunmei acrylic rhinestone packing-4
Before the packing, we use bubble bags. Between the layers, there will be bubble wrap. It can reduce the collision of the products during transportation.
sunmei acryilc rhinestone packing-2
Customer can request to use white box to pack the goods for an extra protection. It can reduce the collision of the products during transportation.
sunmei acrylic rhinestone packing-3
All the white boxes will be packed in the carton.
sunmei acrylic rhinestone packing-9
We use a thicker carton to pack the goods. This is the front and side look of the carton.
sunmei acrylic rhinestone packing-6
Tens of cartons will place onto the pallet for shipping.

On every package of SUNMEI rhinestone is a label. It says the product info and the batch number of the production.rhinestone faq-sunmei acryilc rhinestone package

Yes, we do. The additional fee of the customized packing, such as custom logos, packing quantity, label, etc, will be added to the order.

Yes. We can custom colors for you. It needs a higher MOQ and full clearance. Also, the color reference is essential to the project. We will recommend you to choose colors from our color chart. Please refer to the download page for the charts.

Yes. We can custom all transparent colors without the silver foil back. It needs a higher MOQ and full clearance. We will provide the color chart. Please refer to the download page for the charts.

One bag. The number of packing varies depending on the sizes.

Yes, we provide a wide range of samples and catalogs. Welcome to contact us.

Yes. We provide a complete color chart of rhinestones. You can also download the color chart from our download page.

Yes, we can. We suggest you list the items you need, and we can provide you the price list. Since there are many items and colors, we do not want to confuse you.

The lead for the items in stock is 1-2 working days. The lead time for the rhinestones is around 7-10 working days.

For the domestic orders, it takes 1-2 working day to deliver the order. International orders can take significantly more days depending on your preferred shipping method.

  • NTD: T.T / Cash / Check
  • RMB: WeChat Pay / Alipay / Cash / T.T
  • USD: Paypal / T.T / West Union
  • Internation Order: EMS / UPS / DHL / Airmail
  • Domestic Order: Postal Service / HCT Logistics / Local Service
  • For domestic orders over NTD3000, we will ship the orders at no charge.
  • If the order is shipping internationally, we will provide various shipping options. Please contact us directly for details.

Yes, we provide discounts for bulk orders.

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