How to apply rhinestones? Questions after you buy rhinestones

How to apply rhinestones? Can I glue them on clothing? How about adding some rhinestones to shoes and bags? Do you provide case packaging? What can I do if there are problems with the products? Here are all the questions you may encounter after buying rhinestones.

Yes, we do. We use carton cases, bubble wrap and sometimes small paper boxes to reduce damages while transportation. To make the transportation easier and more secure, we also use packing straps.

sunmei acrylic rhinestone packing-4
Before the packing, we use bubble bags. Between the layers, there will be bubble wrap. It can reduce the collision of the products during transportation.
sunmei acryilc rhinestone packing-2
Customer can request to use white box to pack the goods for an extra protection. It can reduce the collision of the products during transportation.
sunmei acrylic rhinestone packing-3
All the white boxes will be packed in the carton.
sunmei acrylic rhinestone packing-9
We use a thicker carton to pack the goods. This is the front and side look of the carton.
sunmei acrylic rhinestone packing-6
Tens of cartons will place onto the pallet for shipping.

On every package of SUNMEI rhinestone is a label. It says the product info and the batch number of the production.rhinestone faq-sunmei acryilc rhinestone package

Please keep the item unopened and contact with us in 7 business days. If the item is unpacked, please keep the original package with the batch number label.

The best method to apply rhinestones to fabric is by sewing. You can purchase sew on stones and sew them on clothing. Other methods like hot fix or gluing are possible as well.

For more detail information, please refer to the post “Can You Glue Rhinestones to Fabric? A Brief Guide to Applying Rhinestones!

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rhinestones faq-en

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