Can You Glue Rhinestones to Fabric? A Brief Guide to Applying Rhinestones!


Rhinestones are widely known for being decorative items that mimic genuine jewelry pieces. That being said, they do tend to bring in front a lot of value to any piece they are attached to. The visuals are also very impressive, which does bring in front some nice, distinct results all the time. Most rhinestones are created from glass, acrylic or lead crystal.

Types of rhinestones

There are 3 main types of rhinestones that you can find on the market. The Swarovski rhinestones are very popular, and they also have the highest quality. The stone has 14 facets, and it reflects a lot of light. That alone makes it a very good purchase. The Preciosa rhinestones are less brilliant, but they are also a lot cheaper too. There are glass stones from China and Korea which are inexpensive, yet offer a pretty look! 

And lastly, you have the acrylic rhinestones, which are made in Asia and those are imitation stones. The prices are very low here, and the reason is they mimic the real thing.

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Rhinestones recommended to use on fabric

What are the best rhinestones for fabric? The answer is sew on rhinestone. They are the most commonly seen rhinestones for clothing.

Three types of the rhinestones mentioned above all have sew on rhinestones. Most of them are flat back and have holes on rhinestones so that people can easily sew them on fabrics. Some of them have a metal setting, and that makes it easy to add them seamlessly and without any concern. 

Most of the time it can be hard to learn how to apply rhinestone to fabric. But this is by far the best option, and it will work quite well for you in the end.

How to apply rhinestones to fabric?

You will notice there are multiple methods you can use in this regard:

1. Gluing

Gluing is one of the simplest methods you can use to attach rhinestones to fabric. There are many kinds of rhinestone glue on the market.

What kind of glue to use to put rhinestones on fabric? Here in the video from, they have a very detail introduction of different glues to use for rhinestone.

You will find they recommend Gem-Tac as the best glue for rhinestones on fabric. After you add rhinestones to fabric, you need to wait enough time for them to dry and avoid dry cleaning. Do keep in mind that this is one of the least durable methods. But you can still glue on rhinestones for fabric, and it will work quite well.

2. Hot Fixing

Hot fixing is an interesting option. Some rhinestones have heat sensitive glue on the back, so you can heat the glue to melt it into fibers. It works great, and it’s pretty durable. You can hand wash that fabric if you want.

3. Sewing

How to keep rhinestones from falling off clothing? Sewing is maybe the best method.

The problem here is that sewing stones to fabric is very time-consuming. You can easily clean the fabric any way you want. You do need to acquire special rhinestones with sewing holes. But it will be a great way for you to learn how to put rhinestones on fabric.

4. Prong Studs

Prong studs work great as well. These settings can be bent to clamp rhinestones to fabric. You do need some special tools from the craft store to put these pronged rhinestones on fabric. But this method is very reliable, durable and it will work extremely well for you in the end.


Sew on stones application

Sewing rhinestones to fabric is very time-consuming, but it does have a variety of benefits. You can use this method for a multitude of clothing types, especially those created for performers and entertainers. Prom dresses are another great example in this regard.

One thing is certain, learning how to attach rhinestones to fabric is a great skill and one that will help you create some amazing clothes. You have to study every option as you figure out what works for you. Gluing and hot fixing are great if you just want to use that clothing piece a few times, but metal settings and sewing are a whole lot better in the long run!

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sew-on-stones, flat back rhinestones

Sew on Stones

The flat-back sew on stones have holes on both sides which allow them to be sewn onto dance costumes, dresses, shoes and handbags or anything. These stunning acrylic stones comes in a multitude of sizes, shapes and colors, lighter and not easily broken which is a great alternative to crystals.

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Claw Rhinestone

Clawed rhinestone is the combination of acrylic stone and copper claw. The sewing claw is exclusively designed for our rhinestones and made from a thicker copper-H65. The combination is seamless so the stone will not fall off and the claw will not scratch fabric easily. They are sparkling and perfect for garments, shoes, bags and other accessories.

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SUNMEI is a specialized manufacturer of acrylic rhinestone and button for over 20 years. We provide a wide selections of acrylic rhinestones and buttons. Visit our product page and find out more styles!