ABS Plating Button


Buttons are made from ABS plastic through injection after that, they will go through one of the plating methods. Buttons can feature metallic finishes like gold, silver, matte silver/gold and anti-brass. With over 3000 styles and a great diversity of designs and effects, ABS plating buttons can be widely used on men’s clothing, women’s clothes, children’s clothes or uniform.

Product Info


Category: ABS Plating Button
Material: ABS
Style: two holes, shank
Shape: round, square, heart, other
Effect: gold, silver, matte silver/gold, anti-cooper, anti-brass, etc.
Application: women’s clothes, knitted wear, wedding dresses, shoe&bag accessories, diy craft

Scratch- and Abrasion-Resistant

We use electroplating instead of vacuum plating, so the buttons are dry cleaning-, scratch- and abrasion-resistant.

Various Plating Effects

Different styles of button can be applied with various metallic finishes. The metallic plating buttons can meet all designs.

Complete Sizes and Styles

We have over 20 years experience in button manufacturing. Our fashion buttons come in wide range of sizes and finishes.

Different Plating Effects

Buttons can be applied with various metallic finishes like gold, silver, matte silver/gold and anti-brass.

Black Nickel
Matte Gold
Matte Gold with Black Brushed
Matted Real Gold
Matted Real Gold with Black Brushed
Matte Silver
Matte Silver with Black Brushed
Gold with Black Brushed
Nickel-Free Black Nickel
Nickel-Free Gold
Nickel-Free Silver
Nickel-Free Silver with Black Brushed
Real Gold
Real Gold with Black Brushed
Anit-Copper with Green
Silver with Black Brushed

Different Types of ABS Plating Buttons

We provide two holes, four holes, dome shaped and shank nylon button for different uses.

Two or Four Holes Buttons

Shank Plating Buttons

Dome Shaped Buttons

Suitable for All Types of Garments

You can find buttons filtered by usage.

Uniform Button

Winter Coat Button

Need more information or get samples?

We provide free samples and physical catalogues. If you need more information or samples, please feel free to contact us.

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