Four Dots Claw Rhinestone


Four-dots-clawed rhinestone is an upgraded clawed rhinestone exclusively developed and produced by SUNMEI, which can be combined perfectly with rhinestones and four-dots-clawed bases. Without causing the problems of yarn hooking or stone falling, they can be widely used on sweater, knitwear and other apparels.

Product Info


Category: SC Series
Material: acrylic+ABS
Style: flat back with sewing holes
Shape: round, oval, square, eye, drop, heart, triangle, octagon, diamond
Color/Effect: transparent, opal, pearl
Application: women’s clothes, sweater, shoe & bag accessories, jewelry, diy craft

Exclusively Developed by SUNMEI

The four dots base which is similar to the metal claw is exclusively designed for SUNMEI’s rhinestone after more than one year in development.

No More Snagging

The stone is attached to sewing base by gluing. The sewing base is similar to prong setting but avoid the problem of snagging.

Various Styles and Colors

We provide complete range of stone styles, sizes and colors to meet all designs.

Efficient Production, Strict QC

We use a mold exclusively developed for our claw stone, so our claws and rhinestones can be combined perfectly . Products are under strict quality control.


Cabochon Series

Four-dots sewing base with cabochon stone in elegant pearl, opal, transparent and exclusive pearl colors could all be a perfect combination.

Faceted Series

There are two rhinestone cuttings – check and facted. The stunning rhinestone coming in various shiny transparent colors.


Special Series

The solid color rhinestones has brand new looks after different kinds of finishes. From colorful bright colors to dark tones, every style is one of the kind.

Raw Material
Raw Material 100% premium raw material from CHIMEI ACRYLIC general raw material
Style various shapes and cuttings basic shapes and cuttings
Color&Effect various colors and effects basic transparent color
Size stable and complete range of sizes -from small to large size distributed and not stable, not all sizes are available
Edge free of flash, smooth and exquisite large flash, rough, can scratch hand easily
Stock keep most transparent colors in stock most styles are make-to-order

How to use

how to use- sewing icon-11


Sew-on-stones can be sewn onto any fabrics or garments


sew on stones application-sweater icon

Garment accessory

Various shapes and colors stones can be sewn onto sweaters or cardigans

Shoes & Bags accessory

Apply all types of sew-on-stones to bags and shoes directly by sewing

sew on stones application-wedding dresses icon

Wedding Dresses

Crystal and ab colors stones are very suitable for wedding dresses, gown or performance clothes

DIY craft

Apply any shapes of stones and design a special craft

Need more information or get samples?

We provide free samples and physical catalogues. If you need more information or samples, please feel free to contact us.