Acrylic Buttons


Similar to glass crystal shank button, clear acrylic buttons are made of premium acrylic raw material and with fine button manufacturing technique. Besides crystal white button, colorful opaque and elegant pearl color are also available. They are widely used on shirt, children’s clothes, cardigan, shoes, bags and home decoration.

Product Info


Category: Acrylic Button
Material: acrylic
Style: two holes, tunnel shank, shank
Shape: round, oval, square, drop, heart, triangle, octagon, other
Color/Effect: transparent, opal ceramic, pearl, ceramic
Application: women’s clothes, children’s clothes, coats, sweater, shoe & bag accessories, diy craft, home decorations

Shiny, High Brightness

We use premium raw material from CHIMEI ACRYLIC. The cutting surface is extremely smooth, so acrylic buttons appear as bright as crystals.

Various Sizes and Shapes

SUNMEI specialized in acrylic button manufacturing. We supplies a complete range of shapes, backing styles and sizes to meet all designs.

Stable and Plentiful Colors

We carry a great variety of colors and all of these clear plastic sewing buttons are formed originally from injection. Not by dying.


Acrylic buttons contain no heavy metal like lead, cadmium and chromium. The production process is also environmental-friendly.


Transparent Acrylic Buttons

Transparent is the classic and most common one. Crystal clear  transparent feature of acrylic material makes the stones shine like crystal buttons. We have over 30 colors of transparent buttons to meet all designs.

P Exclusive Pearl Color

Exclusively created by SUNMEI. One and the only. Opaque color with pearl luster, simple but gorgeous pearl effect. There are 36 colors of pearl buttons to choose from.


HC Opal Ceramic Effect

Ceramic finish is applied on opal effect to make the buttons shinier. Styles like dome shank, round ball and dome faceted buttons are 3 of the most popular buttons.

C Cearmaic Effect

Originated from the ceramic characteristic of porcelain, we apply ceramic finish on opaque stones and make it shiny. These stunning buttons are used on knitted wear and children’s clothing. There are 40 ceramic colors to meet all designs!


Suitable for All Types of Garments

SUNMEI is a specialized Taiwan buttons manufacturer that supplies a wide range of shirt buttons.
You can find buttons filtered by any usage.

Sweater Button

Shirt Button

Raw Material
Raw Material 100% primary raw material from CHIMEI ACRYLIC general raw material
Style various shapes and cuttings basic shapes and cuttings
Color&Effect various colors and effects basic transparent color
Size stable and complete range of sizes -from small to large size distributed and not stable, not all sizes are available
Edge free of flash, smooth and exquisite large flash, rough and scratch hand easily
Stock keep part of the styles in stock most styles are make to order

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