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Rhinestone button – combination of rhinestone and button base – is a all time classic. SUNMEI’s button base is exclusively designed for our rhinestone, so two parts are combined perfectly. We are a rhinestone buttons manufacturer that carries a wide collection of buttons, from simple to elegant. They are beautiful decorations to enhance any garments, like simple coat or blazer.

Product Info


Category: Rhinestone Button
Material: Acrylic+ABS / Acrylic
Style: shank
Shape: round, heart, eye, triangle, square, oval, octagon, other
Effect: transparent, pearl, opal
Application: women’s clothes, sweater, shirt, etc

Exclusive Button Base

The shank button base is exclusively designed for our rhinestones and produced in our factory, so the buttons and rhinestones could match perfectly.

Various Styles and Colors

A complete range of styles, sizes and colors is available to meet all designs. There are various styles and colors of rhinestones to combine with silver and gold button base.

Complete Range of Size & Styles

There are not only round shape but also the heart, horse eye, heart, and oval-shaped rhinestones buttons. You will find various buttons edge like bamboo, wavy, serrated, gear and hemp lace.

rhinestone-button-transparent, rhinestone buttons for clothing


Classic crystal white stones. It is the most classic and common color.

Pearl Color

Elegant pearl beads with silver or gold button base.

rhinestone button nacre pearl

Nacre Pearl Color

Inspired by the Nature, the nacre pearl beads with ABS or acrylic button base goes beyond the classic yellow pear button. There are over 50 pearl colors to choose from.

Opal Color

Combined opal stones with button base. The opal color stands out from the classic transparent color.


Special Effect

The solid color rhinestones has brand new looks after different kinds of finishes. There are effects like gold, silver, spray, silk, leopard and tortoiseshell. Every style is one of the kind.


Flat poly beads with button base. Plain but simple.

leopard button

Animal Print Effect

Various styles of flat back beads with wild and fashionable animal print like leopard. These animal print buttons with silver or gold rim are suitable for bold and trendy design.

Suitable for All Types of Garments

You can find buttons filtered by any usage

Chiffon, Cufflink

Need more information or get samples?

We provide free samples and physical catalogues. If you need more information or samples, please feel free to contact us.

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