Children’s Buttons


Children buttons come in many shapes, including animals, flowers and stars. The nylon children button can be dyed in any colors. Our children buttons are all available in eco-friendly plating, which can be widely applied on both high class and casual children garment.

Product Info


Category: Children’s Buttons
Material: nylon / abs
Style: shank
Shape: various cute shapes
Color/Effect: silver, gold, dye colors
Application: children’s clothing, diy craft


Various Cute Styles

There are various styles like animal, fruit and geometric shapes.


Different Material and Effect

There are a great variety for children’s buttons, like metallic button or any dyed colors.


Wide Application

These cute buttons can be used not only on children’s clothes but also diy craft.


ABS Plating Effect

Buttons made from ABS material can be plated with all kinds of metallic finishes like silver or gold.

Nylon/ Dyed Nylon

Nylon is dyeable. Nylon buttons can be dyed in any colors that match the garments.


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