2022 Spring Summer Color Trends Span the Spectrum

Amidst the uncertainty and anxiety of a global pandemic, the 2022 color trends provide a welcome respite. The spring summer trends are rooted in themes of the home, comfort and joy. We’re excited to see the ways this unfolds into fashion trends, and how SUNMEI’s products can be incorporated. 

SUNMEI BUTTON has no shortage of a variety of rhinestones, from color to design. While the spring summer 2022 color trends go from bold brights to subdued naturals, we have you covered across the spectrum. 

Let your inspiration and imagination run wild and take your designs to the next level with a sprinkle of rhinestone button to your spring summer 2022 collections. 

Take a look at the spring summer 2022 color trends. 

Kaleidoscope Eyes

2022 Spring Summer Color Trends

Audacious and daring, Kaleidoscope Eyes is like the rainbow amplified. Made up of the brightest red and orange, violets, blues and greens, it provides a psychedelic wonderland of color. 

We envision this trend playing out beautifully within the SUNMEI’s button collection. The possibilities are endless, from adding a touch of glitz and glam to a beautifully designed garment, or embellishing staple accessories, like hand bags and belts. 

It’s a designer’s playground as SUNMEI BUTTON allows you the creative freedom to play around with color design to blend perfectly into your 2022 collections. 

ss2022 fashion accessory design trends

Daily Pleasures

2022 Spring Summer Color Trends

The Daily Pleasures trend is a direct response to the global pandemic, and the need to retreat into the home. As a result, consumers are more cautious and calculated in their decisions, which is why we’re seeing subtle, earthy tones in this 2022 color trend. 

These subdued tones hark back to comfort and calm. The palette indeed creates this sense with its creams, beiges and pastels. The Daily Pleasures trend is accompanied by simple, clean lines and presents the designer with both a world of opportunity to explore and a challenge to create something unique. 

Why not play around with this clean aesthetic by adding some detail in the form of rhinestone embellishments? Just because they’re rhinestones doesn’t mean they have to be loud and bright. Our collection includes the subtlest colors too, which align perfectly with this 2022 spring summer trend.

ss2022 fashion accessory design trends

Deep in Nature

2022 Spring Summer Color Trends

There is something about emerging from quarantine with a renewed sense of awe with nature. There’s no question that this is part of the inspiration for the Deep in Nature color trend. But more than that, it signifies the use of color to promote wellness, rest and optimism. The Deep in Nature mood board consists of a range of blues and greens, which speaks to this sense of renewal. 

While nature is a big inspiration here, there is also a slightly otherworldly element to this 2022 color trend, which opens up the space to interesting interpretations and experimentation. Designers can go wild with both color and form, to cater to a consumer that is craving joy and tranquility.


ss2022 fashion accessory design trends

What better way to complement those designs than the addition of a rhinestone element? Picture azure ocean-like neck pieces or unexpected button details. There is a world of color to explore with Sunmei Button, and designers get to play around and devise their own, bespoke varieties should they wish to.

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