Animal Print Fashion: 3 Leopard Rhinestones You shouldn’t Miss!

Fashion changes constantly and there are new trends every year. The most important thing to see in 2019 is definitely animal print. During the autumn and winter fashion weeks, many designer brands use animal print like leopard, zebra, snake, tiger prints and so on.

animal print fashion- runway

Leopard print is not only found in clothes, but also in bags, shoes, and accessories.

Wild and fashionable animal patterns have become the new trend. If you are still looking for inspiration for the next design, let your own brand catch onto the animal print trend!

Next, we will share the accessories of various animal prints with you, such as leopard print rhinestone, flat-bottom rhinestone similar to tiger print and so on.

These trendy accessory elements are ideal for clothing, shoes, bags or accessories.

jewelry-making-bead leopard print rhinestones

Animal Print Fashion Accessories

1. Leopard Print Rhinestones

The flat back accessories with leopard print often accessorize well with clothing and bags with button bases or hardware. Like the silver trim button base, it is suitable to accessorize with a leopard blouse, skirt, coat, dresses or others.

leopard print rhinestones-8
animal print fashion-leopard print

2. Dark/Black Leopard Print Rhinestones

Like leopard print, this series is a bit darker in color, and is suitable for decoration in a darker leopard print.

black leopard print rhinestones-9

3. Tiger Print Rhinestones

tiger print rhinestones-7
animal print fashion-tiger print

Leopard Button

The leopard print accessories of various colors introduced above can be combined with the button base to decorate clothes such as shirts, blouse and coats.

leopard rhinestones in rim setting
animal print button
leopard print button
animal print button
leopard print button
leopard print button
black leopard print button
dark/black leopard print button
tiger print button
tiger print button

Animal print has been a trend since last year, and it can be seen in both designer and fast fashion clothing brands like Zara. The design elements of animal prints shared above may give you some inspirations in different directions.


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