SUNMEI BUTTON is Hot on the Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2021

With the release of the color trends 2021, we’ve made a selection of our top three colour trends. They include Sun Kissed, Pura Vida and Color Festival.

Each time these color trends are revealed designers are challenged to devise fresh ways of incorporating new colors and presenting innovative ideas. We see this more as an opportunity than a challenge. Experimenting with these trends opens a whole new world of possibility.

The devil is in the detail and our customisable rhinestone buttons provide a simple, unique way to update ss21 collections in line with the color trends for spring/summer 2021.

These are the latest colour trends we’re loving:

Sun Kissed

color trends for spring summer 2021-Sun Kissed

Earthy tones alongside golden yellows and oranges make this trend the perfect backdrop for laidback summers. Think flowy Bohemian-style dresses and exotically embellished sandals and a bevy of popping accessories that seem bathed in the light of the golden sun.

We’ve incorporated this pallette into a range of rhinestone beauties to add a touch of glam in the form of jewelry, apparel adornments or the perfect cherry on top of the season’s accessories.

Pura Vida

color trends for spring summer 2021-Pura Vida

Where the Sun Kissed color trend is subdued and relaxed, Pura Vida is bold and bright, reflective of long, tropical summer days. Spanish for “pure life”, Pura is exactly that – bursting with positive energy and consistent life.

This sense of life is evident in its pallette, made up of aqua blues and greens complemented by gentler yellows. All of these come together in the color-matched rhinestone options curated by Sunmei, resulting in a gorgeous feast for the eyes.

Imagine the season’s clutch bag updated with a spark of rhinestone in the Pura Vida colorway, or a day dress adorned with functional buttons that double up as jewelry.

Color Festival

color trends for spring summer 2021-Colour festival

Picture the liveliest, most fun festival you’ve been to and the feelings it invoked. Hope, optimism, joy and pure submission. Loud and proud, the Color Festival color trend is unapologetic in its use of the brightest color combinations, a nod to a brave new generation of youth comfortable to flaunt all that they are.

Consisting of almost all the colors of the rainbow – red, pink, violet, blues and yellow, Color Festival is, in a word, a celebration. What better way to add to a sense of joy and celebration than a touch of sparkle?

The palette provides plenty of room for inspiration with its bold hues, resulting in rhinestone colour combinations fit for the festival, the Color Festival that is. Indeed the colors on their own do much of the talking, but there’s a certain pizzazz only a rhinestone can add.

rhinestone buttons hair clip
rhinestone buttons on shirt
rhinestone button on shirts

While the SUNMEI team has carefully created beautiful color combinations in response to the color trends for spring/summer 2021, the great and fun part is that all our collections are fully customizable. So you have complete control about that final detail on your design – be it clothing, bags, shoes or jewelry, the possibilities are endless.

Take your ss21 collections to the next level with just the right amount of bling.

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