Paris Fashion Week Spring 2020 Trends: All About Buttons

If there’s one thing that’s unquestionably true about fashion and style, it’s the power of the little details. Whether it be trims, stitching, zippers, or buttons, all these elements can instantly transform a piece of clothing from standard to on-trend in a matter of seconds.

In particular, here at SUNMEI, we’re most interested in the transformative power of the button.

But hey, we get it: a button is such a small detail that it can feel next to impossible to figure out what’s in-style for the season. Not to mention, with the amount of fashion shows going on throughout the year, who has the time to keep up with all the latest button trends?

Lucky for you, as experts on all things buttons, today, we’re going to go over the latest button trends. More specifically, we’re going to break down the hottest button trends seen at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2020.

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Are you ready to familiarize yourself with trendy buttons, so you can provide your customers and clients with the best that fashion has to offer? Let’s dive in!

1. Big and Bold Buttons

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If you’ve been paying attention to fashion trends in general, it probably won’t surprise you too much to discover that designers are preferring large, oversized buttons that make a statement.

Gone are the days of subtle and dainty buttons. Instead, buttons should be large and easily noticeable. Most prominently, we’re seeing these oversized buttons on ‘80s inspired blazers. Paired with exaggerated shoulders and a double breasted style, big and bold buttons definitely had a place on the runway at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2020.

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2. Black and White Buttons

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Thanks to Louis Vuitton, we suspect they’ll be no shortage of black and white buttons showing up on plenty of garments during the Spring 2020 season. Perfectly classic and easy to pair with a variety of prints, colors, and styles, the black and white button is a fresh twist on a standard style.

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3. Sparkly Rhinestone Buttons

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Once again, the reemergence of ‘80s fashion strikes with sparkly rhinestone buttons having a major moment all over the Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020 runway.

Whether the buttons be large, small, asymmetrical, colored, or simple silver, plenty of Paris Fashion Week buttons we’re given an extra hint of sparkle with eye-popping rhinestone buttons. Trust us, don’t be afraid to add some sparkle and shine in your button choices for Spring/Summer 2020.

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4. Pearl Buttons

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Is there anything more classic than a pearl button?

Let us answer for you: No, there’s not, which is why we’re so excited that this classic and chic button style made quite the appearance at Paris Fashion Week. Whether subtly placed on the sleeve of a coat, or on a tweed dress, a pearl button will never steer you wrong.

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5. Vintage Inspired Gold Buttons

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Like we mentioned, big and bold buttons are one of the most popular Paris Fashion Week trends. To capitalize on that preference for attention-grabbing style, we’re also seeing cool vintage inspired styles taking over.

Combine both these trends with a mix of gold, and we’re having some major flashbacks to vintage inspired styles that feel very Chanel-esque.

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6. Matte Black Buttons

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If the idea of pearl buttons, rhinestone buttons, and oversized buttons is a little far outside your style comfort zone, you’ll be happy to hear that Paris Fashion Week proved that matte black buttons never go out of style.

Shown on plenty of jackets and blazers, a matte black button is a style staple that you can rely on.

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At the end of the day, Paris Fashion Week Spring 2020 proved to us that there’s never one standard way to add buttons to an outfit.

Keep it big and bold with some sparkly rhinestone buttons, or go for something more standard with matte black buttons. You can even mix the two button trends, as shown by Miu Miu:

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Whatever style suits your taste and design preference, SUNMEI BUTTON is here to deliver all the highest quality buttons for your needs. Simply contact us and request a sample of any style that you’re interested in, and we would be happy to deliver.

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We hope these button trends from Paris Fashion Week were able to inspire some creativity in your designs for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2020 season.

Which button trends from Paris Fashion Week will you be testing out?

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