SUNMEI BUTTON is right on the money for AW trend 2020

It’s that time of the year again, where the season’s color trends are revealed, determining what the upcoming fashion season will look like. And we’re pleased to say that the color trends for autumn winter 2020 do not disappoint.

SUNMEI BUTTON is excited about the ways our rhinestone buttons can seamlessly blend with and complement these trends. The AW 2020 trends we’re loving include Timeless is Forever, Free Spirit and Autumn Feelings.

Any designer knows that it’s the small details that count the biggest, making rhinestones the perfect cherry on top of your designs for autumn winter 2020. The variety of its applications will leave you stunned.

Let’s take a look at the color trends for autumn winter 2020.

Timeless is Forever

color trends for aw 2020-timeless is forever

Just like the name suggests, picture classic, subdued hues in simple, clean lines. This AW 2020 trend includes colors like the dreamy Whisper White, utilitarian Military Olive, practical Graphite, warm Curry and Pumpkin Spice as well as the ever so subtle Pale Aqua.

These muted tones provide the perfect opportunity to experiment with details on garments, bags, shoes and accessories. Sunmei Button has developed a range of rhinestones incorporating the Timeless is Forever aesthetic; all you need to do is find the perfect match for your design. Or better yet, speak to us about creating a customized color match unique to your design.

Picture a simple clutch with a touch of glam in the form rhinestones, or a brooch atop the season’s statement coats and jackets.

color trends for aw 2020-rhinestone earrings fashion
color trends for aw 2020-rhinestone bags leather
color trends for aw 2020-leopard accessory on a hat
color trends for aw 2020-rhinestone accessory

Free Spirit

color trends for aw 2020-free spirit

Free Spirit is on the other end of the spectrum with its bright, bold palette reminiscent of the basic primary colors. They’re bound to make you forget it’s getting cold out there. Anything goes in this AW 2020 trend story so long as it makes a loud statement. Free spirit comprises of daring Rio Red and Tangerine Tango, a delightful yellow in Sulphur, optimistic Nebulas Blue and Loganberry and Hushed Violet.

There’s no holding back your design work for the Free Spirit trend, and neither should there be in the ways you amplify it. Think embellished killer heels, or dazzled up normcore items.

More is more is more and SUNMEI BUTTON is here for it. Browse our range of Free Spirit rhinestones for inspiration for your AW trend 2020 collection, or make it your own by building it up exclusively to fit your design perfectly.

color trends for aw 2020-rhinestone earrings
color trends for aw 2020-rhinestone hats
color trends for aw 2020-rhinestone jackets red
color trends for aw 2020-sweater with buttons

Autumn Feelings

color trends for aw 2020-autumn feelings

The Autumn Feelings AW 2020 trend almost feels like a mashup of Timeless is Forever and Free Spirit. It’s the perfect marriage of bold and subdued, much like nature’s own Autumn hues.

Made of a stunning yellow Autumn Blaze, bright Blue Moon, a chilled Chili, deep Blackberry Wine and gentle Blanc de Blanc and India Ink, Autumn Feelings brings as much warmth as it does endless inspiration. If AW is a fashion designer’s dream then the Autumn Feelings fashion color 2020 is heaven.

While utilitarian styles and silhouettes continue to take the forefront in 2020, it provides a world of opportunity for playing around with detail, accessories and additions that make your designs one of a kind. There’s no rules, so why not create that perfectly crafted melton hat with a bold infusion of rhinestone? Or go out the box and embellish a utility jacket in the Autumn Feelings palette? SUNMEI BUTTON can make it happen.

color trends for aw 2020-bulk rhinestone on a bag
color trends for aw 2020-rhinestone clothing
color trends for aw 2020-rhinestone button on sweater


We’re proud to present the SUNMEI range of rhinestone palettes inspired by the color trends for autumn winter 2020, but remember that we also provide the opportunity to create a fully customized color made specifically to your design needs. Nothing beats one of a kind so get in touch now to take your AW2020 to new heights.

Drop us your email address to see the complete trend book, or contact us for samples.

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