Pantone color of the year 2019. Living coral buttons for fashion designer!

At the end of each year, Pantone, the international color authority releases its annual color for the year to follow. After the trend of Ultra Violet last year, Living Coral has been chosen as the representative color for 2019.

pantone color 2019 light coral runway-cover
source:PANTONE website

Living coral has gold as its base, the intense orange-red hue is softened, producing a sense of liveliness but also softness, and allows for positive and optimistic feelings of encouragement; as well as this, it shows the public the beauty in the deep sea which also calls for the importance of protecting the environment.

If you look carefully, you will also find living coral exists in our lives. Like the latest iPhone XR, the spring/summer 2019 catwalk, or even Swarovski’s pink color.

pantone color 2019 light coral-runway
Jeremy Scott, Marc Jacobs, and Prada used similar living coral designs for their spring/summer 2019 fashion shows.
Photo: Marcus Tondo /
pantone color 2019 light coral-swarovski
Swarovski's new pink color this year symbolizes hope, positivity, and compassion (source: Swarovski website)

We have sorted out living coral accessories for you, including shirt and sweater buttons, flat back acrylic accessories, sew on stones and more.

If you are planning to promote commodities in the next season or are looking for new design inspiration, you can try using these Coral orange button series accessories in clothing, jewelry, watches, glasses, crafts, and other designs.

Living Coral Button

The shank button with silver base with the acrylic beads is very suitable to be the decorative button of a sweater or knitted wear.

coral colored buttons
coral colored buttons
pink buttons
coral colored buttons

More Rhinestone Button Styles

Flat Back Cabochons

The flat back cabochons with solid color designs can represent lively luster and attractiveness of living coral the most. It is suitable for earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry design. In addition, it can also be used as an accessory for shoes or bags.

light coral colored rhinestones
oval and round shaped flat back beads
light coral colored rhinestones
drop shaped bead in coral colors
navette light coral color bead
eye shaped bead in coral colors

Living Coral Sew on Stones

Double holes, claw sets, silver edges and sew on beads with silver base are all very suitable for embellishments on clothing.

light coral sew on rhinestones
light coral color sew on bead
navette shaped sew on beads in coral color
light coral colors sew on stones
oval beads in coral colors
color colored claw rhinestones
claw rhinestone in coral color
light coral color claw rhinestone
four dots claw rhinestone in coral color
light coral colored sew on bead
coral color bead in sew on setting
light coral colored sew on bead
light coral colored sew on bead

More Living Coral Series Options

In addition to Pantone’s live coral, other similar coral orange colors are also a good choice.

light coral flat beads
light coral flat beads
with another ceramic-like coating makes the beads look shiny
light coral color bead
opal effect coral colored beads
pink color bead
hot pink color similar to light coral
coral colored beads
coral colored in nacre pearl effect

Living coral brings vitality and energy, it represents the integration of modern life and is very suitable for spring or summer designs. If you are interested in the living coral accessories we share, please feel free to contact us for samples and catalogs!

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