Inspired by Moon Festival – Yellow Flat Back Pearl Beads for Crafts

Other than Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, also called Moon Festival, is the second most important festival for Chinese . It usually takes place on the August 15. of Chinese lunar calendar. On this day, the moon is full and shiny. To celebrate the festival, friends and families will get together to BBQ, eat moon cake and enjoy the full moon.


mid-autumn moon festival card

We would like to send our wishes to customers and friends. Also, we have collected 11 flat back pearl beads in yellow colors which are inspired by the glorious full moon on Moon Festival.

yellow flat back pearl beads

Yellow is the color of sunshine, hope and happiness, plus, it is a eye-catching color. Add some yellow beads to jewelry can make the jewelry striking and yellow beads also brings energy. Different shapes of the yellowish beads are also very suitable for diy crafts project.

Flat Back Pearl Beads Collections

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yellow flat back pearl bead-2
yellow flat back pearl bead-3
yellow flat back pearl bead-4
yellow flat back pearl bead-5
yellow flat back pearl bead-6
gold rhinestones for crafts
gold flat back rhinestones
yellow flat back pearl bead-9
yellow flat back pearl bead-10
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