Can I buy assorted rhinestone bulk?

As a wholesaler, or as a manufacturer, purchasing staff often have to deal with factories. As long as you have experience working with factories, you know that if you want to order products, there must be a minimum order. There is a minimum order quantity for each item. The factory will not start the production until the order is placed.

In the old days of mass production, high order quantities might not have been a problem, but in today’s era of fast fashion, customized and personalized products, customers’ demands become more complex and orders tend to be more fragmented. They often need to choose different colored accessories or collocation in the finished product.

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If you are a wholesaler, you may be faced with the following problems more and more often: The customer orders 100 products, but the quantity of each item was less in number. (like 10 types, 10 colors for each type)

Or maybe you’re a buyer for the company and you get a request from the designer like this: for each item, all colors are required.

At this point, you may be thinking quite hard: how on earth can I place an order with the factory? Each item is less than the minimum order quantity. What should I do?

How does one solve the problem of high order quantities?

Customers often need accessories in different colors to match shoes, bags or clothing items made of various fabrics. How do you solve the problem of fewer items but more of a variety of needs?

1. Keep your own inventory

If you are a wholesaler, you usually choose to store some inventory. The advantage is that you can quickly supply products to customers, you don’t need to place orders to the factory every time, and you can order at a lower price. However, due to the high order quantity, it’s better to have some inventory. Thus, wholesalers themselves should have extra space to store inventory. In addition, ordering a larger variety of items at one time can be costly.

2. Work with factories that have inventory

Other than single production factories, there are many factories on the market will produce their own inventory. These specialized factories usually have a complete inventory and provide customers with a wide variety of choices.

3. Find a manufacturing factory where you can order in small quantities

As well as keeping their own inventory, buyers have another option: finding a factory that offers a low order quantity. Other than receiving orders for production or having a storage inventory, some factories also provide low order quantity services, so that customers can order more than one product at a time, and do not have to bear high order costs.

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We offer a low order quantity service

In order to meet market demand, in addition to a certain amount of inventory, SunMei also reduced the number of orders to meet customer demand and provide a better service.

What does our service include? Let me give you an example.

Imagine a shoe factory today that needs three different styles: blue, yellow, and light yellow buttoned shoes. The designer designed 5 different color schemes, that is, 15 different colored products. If you are a shoe manufacturer, you can easily order each color and style from us.

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Compared with in the past, customers can order more diversified products at lower cost if there is a manufacturer offering low-order quantity services.

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Low order quantity service, suitable for DIY packages

Other than to supply wholesalers or manufacturers, low order quantity service is also very suitable for the DIY packages in hypermarket or for in hand-made classrooms. You only need to choose the style and color of the mixed package, order a package quantity for all items, then you can provide a variety of DIY handmade mixed packages in the store. Compared to what used to take a lot of capital to do, this kind of service with low order quantities reduced the entry threshold greatly.

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Fewer items but more variety are the trends of today, and everyone wants to cut costs and offer competitive services. We also provide inventory ordering and low order quantity services according to customer demand to help customers receive better products and better services in the market.

Recently, we have been reducing the order quantity of many products. If you have further requirements, please feel free to contact us!

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