Fancy Shirt Button Collection in Pearl and Silver Rhinestone

New Year, new season, the fashion stylists are begun to look for new accessory inspiration. Are you trying to find the latest and most special button styles as a wholesale trader or as a designer?

Classic styles never go out of fashion! How about something classic?

We have selected the best-selling classic button styles over the past decades of button production and sales experience of SUNMEI (Shang Hao Button). These rhinestone buttons are perfect for shirts, chiffons, sweaters, or cufflinks.

Classic Fancy Shirt Buttons

1. Rivoli Buttons

The wine glass shaped base (also described as a lampshade) combines with the classic rivoli stones. It can be used to decorate shirts or chiffon garments to provide simple and basic style.

  • Item No.: 2835
  • Size:8, 9, 10, 11.5, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 21, 23, 25mm
  • Colors: All colors on color chart (refer to download page for color chart)
fancy shirt button-1
Very complete sizes range from 8mm to 25mm

As for the rhinestones, other than the most popular transparent white rhinestone, it can also match with different colors of rhinestones

fancy shirt button-2

Here are some other styles similar to rivoli buttons.

fancy shirt buttons-2846K05
fancy shirt buttons-2846K05

2. Classic Rhinestone Button

This semi-spherical silver-edged rhinestone button has been a hot seller for this series. The central part of the dome shaped rhinestone is very variable. Transparent, white, black, or opal rhinestones or even pearl-effect rhinestones are very popular too.

  • Item No.: 2839
  • Size:8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 28, 30, 33mm
  • Colors: All colors on color chart (refer to download page for color chart)

Fashion stylists can design their own styles for different looks.

fancy shirt button-3
Other than white colors, there are various transparent colors.
fancy shirt button-4
The pearl color button which is also a very hot-selling color.
fancy shirt button-black and white button
black and white series
fancy shirt button-8
opal color button (left)
opal color coated with ceramic, look very shinny (right)

The thickness and curvature of the silver edge are just right, meticulous and not coarse, it is very suitable for high-class shirts and shirt buttons.

fancy shirt button-5
The thickness and curvature of the silver edge are just right
fancy shirt button-6
the shank of the button

This base in particular can be combined with different colors of cabochon stones, and can also be matched with a variety of color and styles of rhinestones, it has a lot of flexibility to it.

fancy shirt button-9
flat back chanton buttons
fancy shirt button-11
faceted rhinestone button
fancy shirt button-10
chessboard rhinestone button
fancy shirt button-12
flat surface rhinestones

There are other similar styles besides this one.

fancy shirt button-pearl button

3. Bamboo edge, wavy edge, serrated edge, gear edge, hemp lace buttons

These are the variations of the silver edge rhinestone button above, and they are also very popular. Unlike the silver edge, the next few styles are serrated, wavy, and hemp laced. There are even more different changes, and each of them is very distinctive.

fancy shirt buttons
bamboo edge
fancy shirt buttons
wavy edge
fancy shirt buttons
serrated edge
fancy shirt buttons
gear edge
hemp lace edge

More extended styles

Other than the sticky transparent color of the rhinestones, pearl buttons are also very common. Different from the common white pearl and yellow pearl buttons, the new effect of the nacre pearl launched recently is to add the texture of pearl luster on the accessories of various colors, which is very special.

fancy shirt button-3
fancy shirt button-1
fancy shirt button-4
fancy shirt button-2

Excellent sweater, shirt, chiffon decorative buttons

The above is a selection of rhinestone buttons for you, which are very suitable for sweater buttons, shirt buttons, chiffon, and other decorative buttons.

After seeing the above classic button styles, I wonder if you have any different ideas. Are you ready for the upcoming season? If you want to see more styles or ask for samples, please feel free to contact us.


SUNMEI is a specialized manufacturer of acrylic rhinestone and button for over 20 years. We provide a wide selections of acrylic rhinestones and buttons. Visit our product page and find out more styles!


Need more information or get samples?

If you are interested in acrylic rhinestones, please feel free to contact us or ask for samples!
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