6 Rhinestone Designs Using Autumn/Winter 2020 Fashion Trends

While 2020 might be off to a rocky start, there’s one statement we feel confident about for the new year: it’s time to sparkle and shine with bold accessories and statement making style details! Why are we so confident in this trend towards bold details? Trust us, it doesn’t take an expert eye to see that runways at Fashion Week 2020 were full of drama, glitter, and rhinestones.

Let’s dive deep into some of the top 2020 fashion trends, with a specific focus on Autumn/Winter 2020 trends. It’s our hope with these trends on your radar, they’ll inspire you to create some of your most exciting designs to date.

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Okay, that is enough talk. To get your creative juices flowing we’ll start off with a fairly unconventional fashion trend that was seen at Fashion Week 2020… 

autumn winter 2020 trends
Are you ready to familiarize yourself with trendy buttons, so you can provide your customers and clients with the best that fashion has to offer? Let’s dive in!

1. Rhinestone Masks

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While this trend might have you flashing back to visits to the doctors, rhinestone masks made their way onto the runway, and it’s one of our favorite new ways to incorporate drama into a look. Not only is it an accessory we’re not used to seeing on the runway, it’s also a unique way to add a coordinating detail into a design. 


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2. Dramatic Rhinestone Earrings

If the above 2020 fashion trend is a little too unconventional for your taste, you’ll be happy to know that dramatic earrings were also seen at Fashion Week 2020.

Designs range from striking earrings that still feel very wearable for the everyday woman, as shown below.

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However, there’s also more unconventional earring designs that feel more geared towards women who are comfortable with over-the-top designs and styles. 

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Regardless, if you’re looking to design earrings using fashion trends in 2020, you can’t go wrong when adding dramatic rhinestones to your design.

3. Rhinestone Hair Accessories

If you read our article about the growing popularity of rhinestone hair accessories, you probably won’t be too surprised to discover that hair accessories are one of the top Autumn/Winter fashion trends you can expect to see popping up in the coming months. 


Most notably we’re finding that headbands are one of the trendiest ways to make use of rhinestones in hair accessory designs. 

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Other hair accessory designs include hair clips and dramatic headpieces. 

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4. Futuristic Sunglasses

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While we love the idea of adding rhinestones to clothing, don’t forget, you can really add rhinestones to any fashion piece: shoes, handbags, and even sunglasses! 

In fact, rhinestone sunglasses are a fashion trend for 2020 that we’re excited to start seeing in stores. This design detail has a cool futuristic vibe, along with a rock ‘n roll edge that’s very on trend for 2020. 

5. Rhinestone Brooches

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While the idea of a brooch might seem a little old fashion or something that your grandma might wear, it’s time to change your thinking, because glittering rhinestone brooches are making their way into the mainstream as a top Autumn/Winter 2020 trend. 


If a brooch doesn’t seem like something that will suit your clientele, you can also experiment with brooch style necklaces with a Victorian flair, as shown below.

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6. Rhinestone Chiffon

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Taking a page out of Miu Miu’s book, if you’re searching for a chic and sophisticated way to add more rhinestones into your designs, you’ve got to try out rhinestone chiffon. While this might not be your everyday look, for an evening dress or special occasion design, we’re certain your customers will be eating this 2020 fashion trend up.  

Bottom line: If striking design and eye-popping details feel up your style alley, the Autumn/Winter 2020 trends are going to excite you. Take some of these ideas, incorporate them into your designs, and don’t forget to add glittering rhinestones whenever you can. Trust us, the more sparkle and shine, the better. 


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