Jewelry for Summer 2019 – Design Inspiration

It’s time to think about jewelry for summer 2019. What are the latest design trends? And where can we find exciting summer jewelry inspiration?

In this post we take a look at some of the biggest accessory trends of the season. And showcase some amazing jewelry from Italian designer, Renata.

Jewelry for Summer 2019

jewelry for summer 2019-trend

So what have we learnt from the catwalks this year? Here are a few rules everyone seems to be following when it comes to jewelry for summer 2019.

More is More

There’s nothing minimal about jewelry design this season. Maximalism is the new big thing. That means highly embellished pieces and chunky designs. Lots of gems. And lots of glamour.

Models on catwalks around the world have also been spotted wearing as many accessories as possible. Three huge cocktail rings on one hand. Bracelets worn half way up the arm. Forget less is more. More is more in summer 2019.


Seashells were seen in summer accessories last year. And the trend looks like it’s here to stay for 2019. Little cowry shells, cockle shells and beautiful conch shells have all been incorporated into jewelry designs.

But this year designers are changing things up. They’re adding that little bit extra to their designs. Colorful shells are proving popular. Luxe designs – pairing shells with gold, pearls or crystals – are also all the rage. It’s the perfect grown-up summer style.

Pastel Palette

Designs are going big and bold this season. But colours are a little more delicate. Pastel palettes are very on trend for summer 2019.

Pale pink, light blue, lilac, peach and lemon. Soft colors bring femininity to jewelry designs. And look great paired with a summer wardrobe of pale, neutral shades.

Mismatched Earrings

Mismatched and asymmetric earrings are totally on trend. Across Autumn/Winter 2018 catwalks, designers paired one elaborate drop earring with a much simpler stud or cuff. And the trend has continued into the new season.

Designers are now sometimes forgetting the stud altogether. Instead, they have their models wearing one statement drop earring for a super edgy look.

Summer Jewelry Inspiration from Italian Designer Renata

When it comes to putting this season’s trends into action, there are few people doing it better than Renata of Reje Soutache.

Renata is a goldsmith and jewelry designer with a taste for big, bold designs. Her jewelry is handmade and full of style and character.

Renata of Reje Soutache

She dedicates her pieces to women with a strong personality who like to wear jewelry that expresses exactly who they are. “Every woman deserves to be unique,” she says. And her hand-crafted jewelry helps them to be just that.

Her summer bracelet collection combines two of summer 2019’s biggest jewelry trends – maximalist designs and a pastel color palette. And it makes excellent use of one of SUNMEI BUTTON’s products – our bulk rhinestone buttons.

jewelry for summer 2019-reje-3
jewelry for summer 2019-reje-4

More About our Bulk Rhinestone Buttons

As you can see from Renata’s designs, our bulk rhinestone buttons are great for making a statement with your jewelry creations.

Our buttons, with their striking stone clusters, are available in a variety of designs. And they’re made with lots of different gems too. There are transparent, opal, pearl effect and special effect stones to choose from. You can find whatever colour or style you’re looking for.

And, with their custom button back, our bulk rhinestone buttons can be easily incorporated into your bold jewelry design.

Taken inspiration from Renata’s jewelry designs? Excited to create something equally as bold and beautiful? Check out these rhinestone jewelry designs or head to our bulk rhinestone button catalogue. Your own summer 2019 jewelry ideas could soon be a reality.

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