DIY Crafts: Assorted Rhinestone Kaleidoscope

It’s not always easy to stand out from the crowd. If you’re a DIY craft retailer or wholesaler, you’re probably always on the lookout for new product and craft kit ideas. But a Google search often throws up sewing or paper projects, many of which have been seen and done before.

So how about an easy DIY craft idea using assorted rhinestones? In this article we’ll tell you how to make a kaleidoscope. It’s a great craft idea for kids. And, with so many pattern and color combinations to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

craft ideas kaleidoscope diy

Why Pick a Kaleidoscope for your DIY Craft Idea?

Everyone has a happy childhood memory of playing with (and being amazed by) a kaleidoscope and its rainbow of colors. Kids love them.

And even as an adult, we love to pick one up and see what pretty patterns we can find inside. So a kaleidoscope craft kit is sure to be really popular with your customers, however old or young.

How do Kaleidoscopes Work?

A kaleidoscope is made from two or more reflective surfaces placed at an angle to each other (usually in a triangle or V shape).

These reflectors are surrounded by a tube. At one end of the tube is a collection of brightly colored objects, held in place by a circle of glass or plastic. And at the other end there is an eyehole.

As you look through the eyehole and rotate the tube, the objects at the end of the kaleidoscope move and create different patterns. The reflectors make this into a beautiful repeated pattern that never looks quite the same twice.

How to Make A DIY Kaleidoscope

Making your own DIY kaleidoscope is very easy. It’s the perfect craft project for kids and will provide endless entertainment as a new and much-loved toy.

Supplies you will need:

  • Strong cardboard tube
  • Colored paper or tape
  • Reflective metal sheet
  • Plastic eyehole
  • Plastic end for tube
  • Two clear plastic circles
  • Small colored items such as rhinestones, beads or sequins. (You can also use items like paperclips or googly eyes for a different effect.)
kaleidoscope diy with assorted rhinestone-1
kaleidoscope diy with assorted rhinestone-2

Step 1. Bend the reflective metal sheet into a triangular shape and insert it into the tube, leaving a gap of around 1cm at one end of the tube.

kaleidoscope diy with assorted rhinestone-3
kaleidoscope diy with assorted rhinestone-5

Step 2. Place the smaller clear plastic circle inside the tube, on top of the reflector.

kaleidoscope diy with assorted rhinestone-9

Step 3. Pour in your colored items. It could be assorted rhinestones, beads or sequins, whatever you choose.

kaleidoscope diy with assorted rhinestone-11
kaleidoscope diy with assorted rhinestone-12

Step 4. Place the bigger clear plastic circle at the end of the tube and secure with the plastic tube end.

kaleidoscope diy with assorted rhinestone-13
kaleidoscope diy with assorted rhinestone-14

Step 5. Push the plastic eyehole onto the other end of the tube.

kaleidoscope diy with assorted rhinestone-7

Step 6. Decorate your tube with patterned tape or colored card.

kaleidoscope diy with assorted rhinestone-16

Now it’s time to look through the eyehole and see what beautiful, colorful patterns your DIY kaleidoscope can create. Using objects in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes will create the best visual effect.

That’s why using assorted rhinestones is a great idea.

kaleidoscope diy with assorted rhinestone-15
kaleidoscope diy with assorted rhinestone-23
kaleidoscope diy with assorted rhinestone-19

Finding Assorted Rhinestones for your Kaleidoscope DIY

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