6 Cute & Colorful Rhinestone Craft Ideas

Rhinestones can be used in a wide variety of craft projects. Coming in many different shapes, sizes and colors, they’re really versatile. And they’re guaranteed to bring a bit of bling to any design.

Check out these six rhinestone craft ideas – all cute and very colorful – for a little inspiration.

6 Rhinestone Craft Ideas

1. Rhinestone Bauble Ornament

Christmas crafting is so popular right now. And what better way to make your Christmas décor unique than be making your own rhinestone bauble ornaments?

Just apply flatback rhinestones in a variety of colors and shapes to the surface of a plain bauble. And then use a colorful ribbon to hang the bauble on the Christmas tree.

2. Rhinestone Tree

A rhinestone tree makes a pretty little Christmas decoration too. But this colorful ornament would look right at home in a child’s bedroom too. And it couldn’t be easier to make.

Roll and stick a piece of colorful craft paper into a cone shape. Then glue on flatback rhinestones in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

(An extra tip – it’s easy to adapt this design to make glitzy party hats. Just make the base of the cone a little bigger. Then use a hole punch to create a hole on either side and thread through some elastic.)

craft rhinestones-4-rhinestone tree
source: clubcrafted.com

3. Rhinestone Bag

Bring some bling to even the most boring of bags with a few flatback rhinestones. A canvas tote bag, a make up bag or even a backpack can be transformed with a clever design.

You could create a pretty pattern or arrange your rhinestones into a recognisable object, like this pineapple. It’s a really easy but really effective craft activity that even children can have a go at.

4. Rhinestone Tissue Box

Who wants an ugly box of tissues hanging around the home? Especially when you have the option of this beautiful rhinestone tissue box. Any shape, size or color of rhinestone can be used to create a pretty pattern.

5. Rhinestone Greetings Cards

There’s nothing more special than a handmade card for a birthday or other occasion. Crafters can give their cards extra sparkle with a rhinestone design.

This ice cream card uses craft paper and glitter paper to make the waffle cone and then rhinestones for the ice cream itself.

6. Rhinestone Keychain

Making a rhinestone keychain is a great craft project for older kids. It requires a plain keychain and a number of small flatback rhinestones.

With a little sticky tack on the end of a pencil, crafters can carefully pick up rhinestones, apply glue and then manoeuvre the rhinestone into place. It takes a little patience but, as you can see, the end result is more than worth the effort.

craft rhinestones-6-rhinestone keychain
rhinestone keychain

Choosing the Right Craft Rhinestones for your Project

What Kind of Craft Rhinestones are Suitable?

Flatback rhinestones – made from acrylic, resin or crystal glass – are almost always the best option for DIY rhinestone projects. They are easy to attach. And they come in a wide variety of shapes and styles so you can always find something suited to any particular design.

How do I Apply Craft Rhinestones?

Flatback rhinestones are applied using glue. Glue that dries clear is best as it won’t show up on the finished item.

Crafters need to use right kind of glue for their rhinestone craft ideas too. For instance, if you’re applying craft rhinestones to a fabric bag, you need to use special fabric glue.

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