6 Beautiful Rhinestone Hair Pin Ideas

What better way to glam up a hairstyle than with a rhinestone hair pin? It’s a super easy way to bring a bit of sparkle to any look.

If you’re looking for rhinestone hair pin ideas, be inspired by these six beautiful hair jewelry designs. From chunky to elegant, casual to formal – there’s something for every kind of style.

6 Beautiful Rhinestone Hair Pin Ideas

1.Dragonfly rhinestone hair pin

A line of six circular rhinestones coupled with a pair of larger oval rhinestones (in a contrast color) creates a simple but striking dragonfly design. It’s whimsical but elegant and the kind of versatile jeweled hair pin that would suit lots of different occasions.

2.Ombre rhinestone hair pin

Jump on the ombre trend with this super stylish rhinestone hair pin idea. Rhinestones of similar color and shape can be placed in order, moving from darker to lighter shades. We love this pretty pink version, which creates a wonderfully fun, feminine look.

3.Delicate pastel rhinestone hair pin

These pastel colored rhinestone hair pins exude timeless beauty. They wouldn’t look out of place at a formal occasion. But could also be used to dress up a casual daytime look. Rhinestones of different (but complementary) colors and sizes add interest and some serious bling.

4.Multicolor rhinestone ponytail cuff

Messy bun day? This multicolor rhinestone ponytail cuff adds instant style to even the most low-key of hairstyles. The colorful palette is fun and playful whilst the chunky design makes a strong statement. Unique hair jewelry like this is made to be noticed.

5.Vintage-style rhinestone hairclip

Step back to the glitz of old with these vintage-style rhinestone hair clips, perfect for bringing bit of classic glam to an up-do. They’re easy to make (using small, smoky toned rhinestones) and easy to style. It really doesn’t get much more elegant than this.

6.Amber and bronze hair barrette

This rustic rhinestone hair pin idea beautifully combines rich bronze and amber tones. Smaller stones around the edge are offset by a large statement stone and bee design in the center. This is a versatile hair accessory that could easily become an everyday essential.

The best SUNMEI rhinestones for hair jewelry

Looking for rhinestones to use in your hair jewelry designs? Here are a few of our favourite SUNMEI styles.

Rhinestone Hair Pin
Rhinestone Hair Pin
Rhinestone Hair Pin
Rhinestone Hair Pin
Rhinestone Hair Pin

Here at SUNMEI, we’re proud to stock rhinestones in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes. So it’s easy to play around with styles, finding the perfect combination to make your project stand out from the crowd.

Teardrop, oblong, oval… Lots of dinky sizes for intricate designs. And colors in every vibrant shade you can imagine. It’s easy to find exactly the right rhinestones for your hair jewelry designs.

We hope this article has given you a little rhinestone hair pin inspiration. Want to see more? Check out our rhinestone product pages or get in touch to get more information, samples or catalogues.

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