Pearl and Rhinestone Bracelet Design Inspirations

Speaking of bracelets, what are your impressions on them? A bracelet is an ornament worn on the wrist. It has no specific shape and is made of various materials such as metal or silicone and are wound around the wrist for decoration.

A lot of people are using bracelets and chains as accessories to create their own style. There are different designs for bracelets and chains on the market. Some bracelets have shiny diamonds or bright pearls on them, some are multi-layered bracelets, and some are decorated with large rhinestones.


In this article, we have collected some pearl and rhinestone bracelets. These bracelets use pearls and rhinestone as design elements, which are very elegant and fashionable.

Pearl Bracelet

pearl rhinestone bracelet-1
This is designed with SUNMEI’s cabochon with unique pearl effect.

White pearl with a metal bracelet

Pearl Bracelet

Unlike a ring bracelet, a pearl bracelet is also a special design.

Drop-shaped pearl bracelet

This is a three layered shiny white pearl bracelet and is very elegant. Suitable for bridal styling.

Pearls strung into a wide lace bracelet

Yellow pearls strung into a wide lace bracelet, suitable for daily wear or important occasions.

This bracelet with multi-color pearls also has distinguishing features

The design style of pearl rhinestone bracelet is diverse. We have shared several designs above that we think are very special. For more pearl bracelet designs, please take a look at our Pinterest account.

SUNMEI acrylic rhinestones provides many pearl accessories that are suitable for bracelet designs. In addition to basic yellow and white pearls, there are other colors of pearl accessories. If you happen to be looking for inspiration for bracelet designs, you may be able to add some pearl elements to add some noble atmosphere to the bracelet!

flat back pearl beads
flat back pearl beads
flat back pearl beads
flat back pearl beads
flat back pearl beads
flat back pearl beads
flat back pearl beads

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