Opal and Gold Rhinestones Earrings Design

Rhinestone earrings sparkle and always catch someone’s eye, but if you don’t want to stand out, this sharing of opal golden earrings is a good choice. The designer’s golden earrings design comes with the opal elements to change your impression of rhinestone earrings.

opal and gold rhinestone earrings
opal and gold rhinestone earrings-4

Diamond earring elements - Opal accessories​

The color and shine of the opal is what really makes it mysterious and enchanting. Other than the natural opal, there are now many imitation opal rhinestones, such as acrylic rhinestones from SUNMEI with opal effects. These rhinestone accessories can be mass produced and are easily available. Therefore, designers can use them in their designs. If you look closely at some accessories, it is not difficult to find these rhinestones on their designs.

opal and gold rhinestone earrings-8

We are going to share a few of the designer’s opal golden earrings. It uses the aureate metallic frame that symbolizes nobility, with the embellishment of high-quality opal rhinestones, the design is classic and very elegant.

Opal-effect Golden Rhinestones Earrings

opal and gold rhinestone earrings-13-2
opal and gold rhinestone earrings-10-2
opal and gold rhinestone earrings-1
opal and gold rhinestone earrings-2

Earrings of different shapes, colors and designs have their own characteristics and you should consider applying these opal elements in your designs. Acrylic opal rhinestones come in a variety of styles. For example, round, horse eyes, oval, baguette, and also there are a lot of different opal colors.

opal and gold rhinestone earrings-6
opal and gold rhinestone earrings-9
opal and gold rhinestone earrings-7

Whether you’re designing dangle, hoops, or stud earrings, you can add these opal accessories to create a unique design style and create some extraordinary earrings designs!

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