Top 5 Shoe Accessory Trends For 2020

If there’s one thing that all fashion enthusiasts know, it’s this: your accessories can make or break your style. Whether that be in terms of hair accessories, handbags, jewelry, or shoes, putting together a show-stopping outfit is all about adding in those extra details. If you’re dedicated to serving up accessories that help complete an outfit, today we want to draw your attention to the top shoe accessory trends of 2020. 

Let’s dig into some of the top shoe accessories trends that you can expect to see popping in 2020: 

Shoe Accessory
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1.Rhinestone Shoe Accessories

Here at SUNMEI BUTTON, we love seeing rhinestones incorporated into design, so let’s start off with our favorite shoe accessory of 2020. 

Glamorous, dramatic, and oh-so-trendy, when it comes to adding rhinestones to your shoe designs for 2020, you can’t go wrong. 

Whether it be strappy sandals, platform boots, or even casual sneakers, you can add a few carefully placed rhinestones for an element of drama, but you should also feel free to deck out the whole shoe in multiple rhinestones.

Here are some examples ranging from multiple rhinestones to more carefully placed rhinestones:

Rhinestone Shoe Accessories
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If you’re on board with the rhinestone shoe accessory trend, make sure to check out our full range of available rhinestones, so you can get the perfect size, color, and shape for your unique shoe design.

2.Reimagined Booties

Reimagined Booties
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As we mentioned, we love seeing rhinestones incorporated into designs, so we’re going to share additional shoe trends with you, while also showing you how you can incorporate rhinestones into the design. 

Let’s start off with the reimagined bootie trend. While the standard black bootie will always have a special place in a women’s wardrobe, 2020 is all about reimagining what is standard and serving up something a little different. 

In the above image we have designs from Anna Sui and Self Portrait. These designs reimagined the shape and the texture of the heel to bring us something a little different. 

To play off this, another idea we want to suggest is adding a rhinestone heel to the bootie. This way, you’re making use of two 2020 shoe trends: a reimagined bootie, plus rhinestones.

In the below image, we’re showcasing a rhinestone heel on a sandal, but the same technique could easily be applied to a bootie for a new take. Two trends in one shoe? Yes Please.

Reimagined Booties
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3.Strappy Shoes

Another shoe trend that we’re seeing pop in 2020 is a preference for strappy designs. From gladiator-inspired sandals to lace-up heels, the more straps the better in 2020. 

So how can you take this shoe trend and incorporate shoe accessories? 

Once again, rhinestone shoe accessories are the way to go!

Cover the straps in big, bold rhinestones, or add a select few to the strap for a subtler detail. 

Strappy Shoes
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Strappy Shoes
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Either way, adding rhinestones onto the straps of shoes is an easy way to make your shoe design stand out in 2020. 

Having said that, if rhinestones don’t feel right for this strappy detail, it’s also important to note that chain shoe accessories have become trendy in 2020. This design element will give you a similar effect, but with an edgier feel, as shown below. 

Strappy Shoes
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4.Platform Heels

We’re taking shoe design to new heights with the reemergence of the platform heel. This trend is feminine, statement-making, and just generally a playful way to add some drama to your shoe design. 

Having said that, you can get even more striking with your platform heel by incorporating shoe accessories into the design. In particular, have you ever considered highlighting the platform by covering it rhinestones, as shown below?

Platform Heels
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Trust us, you’re going to want to try out rhinestone platform shoes for 2020.

5.Mary Janes

While rhinestone shoe accessories are always great for adding drama to shoe design, for some, rhinestones can be a bit over-the-top. Perhaps you’re looking to design something a little more subtle and retro-inspired?

In this case, we’re certain you’ll appreciate the reemergence of the Mary Jane shoe style.  

Mary Janes
Image via Marie Claire

But how can you incorporate shoe accessories into the Mary Jane design? With buttons, of course!

Whether it be a simple button to hold down the strap, or something more colorful and playful, adding that small button detail to a Mary Jane shoe can instantly elevate your shoe design. 

If you’re interested in discovering what buttons you can add to your shoe designs, contact us to request our full catalog of buttons. When it comes to buttons for shoes, we’ve got you covered. 

In fact, when it comes to shoe accessories of any sort, we’re here for you. Sparkling rhinestones, colorful buttons, over-the-top gemstones in a variety of shapes and sizes, we’ve got it all. 

Feel free to request our full catalog to see how we can help with your shoe accessories for 2020  

So, tell us, which shoe accessory trends will you be incorporating into your designs for 2020?

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