Bling Rhinestone Sandals and Heels for Weddings & Proms

Everyone dresses up for weddings, receptions, parties and other grand occasions. There will be some eye-catching and sparkling accessories for wedding dresses, wedding shoes, earrings, bracelets, and others. Add rhinestones onto shoes, sandals, and heels to make the whole look different!

In this article, we have collected various kinds of rhinestone shoes, such as rhinestone sandals, high-heeled shoes with shiny rhinestones, rhinestones slippers and more. You may be surprised to find that the shoes can have so many variation! If you are a designer, you may be able to find some inspiration and add some rhinestone elements to your designs to make your work more diverse.

Different types of rhinestone shoes

Rhinestone Sandals

Rhinestone Heels

Rhinestone Slippers

rhinestone shoes-rhinestone slippers-2
rhinestone shoes-rhinestone slippers-1

Rhinestone Flats

Rhinestone Sneakers

rhinestone shoes-rhinestone sneakers-3
rhinestone shoes-rhinestone sneakers-1
rhinestone shoes-rhinestone sneakers-2

More Designs for Rhinestone Shoes

Suitable Rhinestones for shoes

Rhinestones are man-made and mimic the sparkle of diamonds. Because they are man-made, they are very diverse in nature. The rhinestones that are used on shoes are normally made of plastics like acrylic or resin rhinestones. When comparing with the glass rhinestones, although the brightness of plastic rhinestone is lower, it is able to withstand impact and is not easily broken.

Add rhinestone elements to shoe accessories

The products of SUNMEI acrylic rhinestones are also widely used in shoe accessories. Designers use various shapes and colors of rhinestones to match their design. Some are directly attached to shoes with rhinestones, while others are combined with metal elements to make shoe accessories.

Below are some of the shoe accessories that add the element of rhinestones, and are often used in sandals and slippers.

rhinestone shoes-rhinestone shoe accessories-1
rhinestone shoes-rhinestone shoe accessories-4
rhinestone shoes-rhinestone shoe accessories-2
rhinestone shoes-rhinestone shoe accessories-3

If you want to add some shiny elements to shoe designs, and you are looking for suitable elements, we provide a full range of colors and shapes of rhinestones. You are more than welcome to contact us for a catalog or sample.

SUNMEI is a specialized manufacturer of acrylic rhinestone and button for over 20 years. We provide a wide selections of acrylic rhinestones and buttons. Visit our product page and find out more styles!

Need more information or get samples?

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