5 Unique Rhinestone Bouquet Ideas

No wedding is complete without a wedding bouquet. The bouquet is an opportunity for a bride to express her own style and personality. It complements the wedding gown, helps to tie a theme together and features in so many wedding photos.

So, whether you’re a bride-to-be or a wedding bouquet designer, you know how important it is to get that bouquet right.

Flowers are the obvious choice. But if standard florals don’t feel original (or bling) enough, a rhinestone wedding bouquet might just be the perfect alternative.

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Why Choose a Rhinestone Bouquet?

Rhinestone bouquets are beautiful, of course. But there are a few other reasons why brides should think about choosing this alternative wedding bouquet: 

It’s unique. 
If you want to stand out from the crowd, a rhinestone wedding bouquet is the way to go.

It’s everlasting.
Floral wedding bouquets last a week or two at best. Rhinestone bouquets can be kept as a special memento forevermore.

It fits with any theme.
Because rhinestones come in such a wide variety of colors, styles and shapes, you can very easily match a rhinestone bouquet to the theme and color scheme of a wedding.

So without further ado, here’s a little wedding inspiration: five beautiful rhinestone bouquet ideas.

5 Rhinestone Bouquet Ideas

1. Pretty in Pink Bouquet

This beautiful pink bouquet is an easy DIY option. All you need is a Styrofoam ball, some chopsticks, iron wire, ribbon and rhinestone buttons. Put them all together and you have a stunning and completely unique wedding bouquet.

rhinestone bouquet ideas-1-Pretty in Pink Bouquet

2. Boho Brooch Bouquet

You can just imagine this multicolor, boho brooch bouquet at a rustic or vintage wedding. It’s the perfect way to include “something old” into a wedding day by adding hand-me-down family jewelry into the eclectic design.

rhinestone bouquet ideas-2-Boho Brooch Bouquet

3. Rose and Pearl Bouquet

For those who still like the idea of florals in their wedding bouquet, these ribbon roses look just like the real thing. And pearls dotted throughout bring a real sense of classic and understated beauty.

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4. Rhinestone Crystal Bouquet

For a bit of old world glamor, it has to be clear rhinestone crystals. Opt for a lavish swathe of crystal over ribbon roses. Or go all out with all-over rhinestones for an elegant but opulent look.

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5. Red, Black and White Rhinestone Bouquet

Mix it up with black rhinestone buttons, creamy pearls and beautiful red ribbon roses for Great Gatsby vibes. We think this show-stopping bouquet would look right at home at a black tie wedding.

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