Ultimate Guide to Flatback Rhinestone Wholesale

Did you know that there are many different types of wholesale flatback rhinestone? These flat back gems come in a variety of shapes, styles, sizes and materials. And they can be attached in different ways too. So which ones should you choose?

Whether you’re a flatback rhinestone supplier, a crafter looking for some gems for your next project or just someone interested in these pretty little jewels, we have all the information you need. Take a look at this ultimate guide to flatback rhinestones.

flatback rhinestones wholesale
Flatback Rhinestones

What are Flat Back Rhinestones?

Before we dive into the details, let’s start with a definition of flatback rhinestones. As you’ve probably gathered from their name, these rhinestones have one flat surface – on the back. This means they can be easily fixed to something else.

The front side of the rhinestone will depend on each particular design. Chanton is the classic cut. Cabochon and chessboard are popular too. There are also rhinestones named according to the number of facets cut into them. For instance, 8 faceted and 12 faceted.

Different Types of Flatback Rhinestone

Flatback Rhinestone Shapes

Most people think about flatback rhinestones as round stones. In fact, they are available in many different shapes. There are ovals, hearts, squares and baguettes, to name but a few. You can mix and match them to create an elaborate design. Or choose just one rhinestone shape for something more simple.

Hotfix Flatback Rhinestones

In our previous post “What is a rhinestone? What are different types of rhinestones?”, we mentioned hotfix flatback rhinestones. Hotfix rhinestones come with glue already adhered to the back. When the adhesive in the back of the stones is activated by heat (for example, from an iron) they can be applied and stuck to the material of your choice.

Sew-on Flat back Rhinestones

Some varieties of flatback rhinestone are designed to be glued into place. Flatback sew-on gems (perfect for garment designers) are a little different. They have a flat back too. But they also have two little holes meaning they can be easily sewn onto fabrics.

Materials for Flatback Rhinestones

Glass, crystal, acrylic or resin. Each material has its own unique characteristics. For example, acrylic is light and comes in a huge variety of shapes and colors. But for brightness and sparkle, crystal glass stones are hard to beat.

Check out our previous post for a more detailed introduction to rhinestone materials.

How to Apply Flat Back Rhinestones?

As mentioned in the previous section, you can get flatback rhinestones with holes, without holes and with hotfix.

For those without holes, the gem’s flat back is foiled with silver. You can apply them using a little glue. As for hotfix, you need to use an iron or hotfix applicator to attach the stone to fabrics. Sew-on flatback stones are hand sewn using a needle and thread, making them ideal for clothing.

flatback rhinestones wholesale-how to apply
Glue on rhinestones.

Craft Ideas Using Flatback Rhinestones

Rhinestones are everywhere. They are sure to add a little bling to any project. Mobile phone covers, birthday cards, gift packaging or glass jars. Decorate any item with rhinestones to make it sparkle and shine.

See our Pinterest board for more ideas!

How Can I Find High Quality Wholesale Flatback Rhinestones?

Flatback rhinestones vary in quality. Before you purchase and use flatback rhinestones, it’s crucial to know what you’re looking for.

So how can you tell if a rhinestone is poor or good quality? Let’s take the example of acrylic gems. You should check whether the injection gate is smooth or ragged. You should also examine the cutting edge, the color, and the surface. These elements will all help you to assess the quality of the rhinestone.

See our previous post “5 Tips for Choosing Good Quality Rhinestones” for more detail information.

Flatback Rhinestones Wholesale

If you are going to buy flatback stones in bulk, make sure that you find a good supplier. They should be able to provide a wide range of styles for flatback/sew on rhinestones wholesale. And their gems should always be of excellent quality.

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Looking for a flatback rhinestone catalogue?

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