What Color is Rhinestone? Complete Rhinestone Color Chart

rhinestone colors-cover-acrylic gem stone color chart
colorful rhinestones color chart

Did you know that rhinestones come in a huge range of colors? And there’s so much choice beyond standard crystals. You can get color rhinestones in pearl, opal, marble and even animal print effects.

Read on to find out all about color rhinestones and the different color effects available. And find the perfect stone for your design style.

Different Color Effects for Colored Rhinestones

Color rhinestones come in a variety of different finishes. Here’s a list of the most popular:

Clear Rhinestones (Transparent White)

Transparent rhinestones are the industry standard. These clear rhinestones have a classic look and are made to resemble a diamond. Swarovski crystal, glass and plastics like acrylic and resin can all be used to make clear rhinestones.

Transparent Colored Rhinestones

Transparent color rhinestones are made in the same way as clear rhinestones and have a similar sparkly finish. The only difference is that these rhinestones come in a range of colors.

AB Color Rhinestones

AB color rhinestones are named after the aurora borealis (or northern lights). And they’re made by applying an iridescent coating onto a clear rhinestone. This gives a multi-color, rainbow effect. Crystal AB and Crystal Volcano are both types of AB coated rhinestones.

rhinestone colors-transparent white
Transparent White Rhinestones
rhinestone colors-transparent color
Transparent Colored Rhinestones
rhinestone colors-ab colors
AB Color Rhinestones

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Other Effects

Many of the rhinestone finishes below are made to mimic materials found in nature.

  • Pearl – As its name suggests, this is a rhinestone made to look like a pearl. Nacre pearl rhinestones are another variety, with different pearl colors.

  • Opal – Again, another obvious one. These are rhinestones that have been designed to look like an opal.

  • Opaque – These stones aren’t transparent like standard crystals. And they come in color palettes like pastel macaron and neon.

  • Ceramic – Ceramic stones are made to imitate the finish you get on decorative ceramics.

  • Matte – Matte stones have a finish that isn’t shiny.

  • Special Finishes – Special finishes include gold, silver, marble and brushed and sprayed rhinestones. Other rhinestone paint colors like terrazzo, floral or leaves are also include. 

  • Animal Print – These rhinestones come in a variety of prints, including tiger, leopard and giraffe. They also come in a variety of colors. 
rhinestone color-opal
Opal Rhinestones
rhinestone color-opaque
Opaque Stone
Neon Rhinestones/ Pastel Colors
rhinestone color-pearl
Pearl/ Nacre Pearl
rhinestone color-special animal print
Special Finishes Rhinestones/ Animal Print Effect

Are all Color Effects Available in All Rhinestone Materials?

Crystal and glass are usually made into transparent color and classic clear rhinestones. They look like diamonds or gemstones.

If you’re looking for a more unique effect, acrylic or resin plastic is the way to go. With these materials it’s possible to create a much greater variety of colors and effects. This is why you’ll only find animal print, ceramic, marble and sprayed rhinestones made from a plastic material.

Clear rhinestones are not what you are looking for? Check special one like opaque, turquoise, pearl or opal color chart!

Why A Rhinestone Color Chart is Useful

A rhinestone color chart is an easy way to see and compare the colors and effects available. And it can help you to make some important choices when it comes to deciding on the rhinestones you want to stock in your store or use yourself.

Every rhinestone brand will have its own color chart available to customers. Some suppliers will also sell them as a sample chart.

Below you’ll find SUNMEI’s acrylic gem stone color chart:

Photo No. Color Name Description
2 Crystal Transparent and shiny like a diamond
19 Greige A smoky grey
27 Gray A dark, stormy grey color
35 Transparent Black Black with a shine
54 White Matt white effect
55 Jet Nut Dark black, grey
18 Jet Hematite Black and shiny with hints of dark blue
1 Jet Opaque black
15 Transparent AB Multi-color iridescent effect on transparent stone
14 Aurore Boreale Clear stone with iridescent effect
42 Laser Clear stone with sparkly rainbow effect
13 Crystal Volcano Vibrant, multi-color rainbow effect
16 Junquil Yellow with a hint of green
44 Citrine Yellow, almost bronze with hints of green
12 Topaz Golden bronze brown
48 Smocked Topaz Opulent red, brown color
21 Peridot A delicate grey, green
34 Chrysolite Pale green
38 Olivine A muted olive green
10 Lime Green A vibrant, zingy green color
6 Green Vibrant, forest green
50 Erinite A deep, dark green
39 Blue Zircon Deep aqua with hints of grey
51 White Jade Green in a pastel shade
52 Jade A delicate shade of green
53 Emerald Bright, brilliant green
23 Aquamarine A mix of blue and green
11 Light Blue A delicate blue with hints of grey
49 Turquoise A blue green blend
25 Sky Blue A bright, mid blue color
4 Blue Deep, ultramarine blue
17 Sapphire Steel blue
20 Light Purple A delicate grey, purple
9 Provence Lavender Beautiful muted purple
29 Tanzanite Mid purple
36 Purple Velvet Violet purple
5 Purple A rich, deep purple
45 Burgundy Rich red with hints of brown
43 Amethyst A dark purple, almost black
47 Grape Purple Dark purple
22 Light Pink A delicate pastel pink shade
26 Pink Beautiful pale pink
8 Light Rose Mid pink with a hint of lilac
24 Rose A vibrant pink
31 Fuchsia Hot pink
33 Light Topaz Pale gold effect
30 Light Colorado Topaz A pale bronze
7 Yellow A sunshine yellow with hints of orange
46 Amber Honey colored orange and yellow
37 Tangerine Deep, rich orange
40 Sun Vibrant orange with hints of red
32 Light Siam Bright tomato red
3 Red Bright red and shiny
28 Siam Deep ruby red
41 Indian Siam Dark ruby red
acrylic gem stone rhinestone color chart

SUNMEI provides a full range of colorful rhinestones. We stock not just crystal, transparent and AB colors. But also effects such as opal, pearl, ceramic, marble, neon, animal print and more. Our acrylic rhinestones are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a truly unique color rhinestone.

Download the whole color chart or visit our rhinestones product page if you’d like to see our rhinestone range in full. And get in touch for more information and multi color rhinestone samples.

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