Neon is Back on Trend! Get Your Neon Rhinestone Jewelry Inspiration Here

Have we gone back in time to the eighties? No, it’s definitely 2019. And yes, neon is most certainly back in fashion. Here we give you some neon rhinestone jewelry inspiration. And get the lowdown on the latest neon trend.

Spring/Summer 2019 catwalks were filled with fluorescent color. From Marc Jacobs to Prada, Gucci to Saint Laurent – it was lime green, acid yellow and hot pink all the way. Fashion has gone bright and bold. And it needs jewelry to match.

neon trend catwalk

Looking for Neon Rhinestones? We’re Here to Help

When it comes to jewelry design, it’s difficult to find the right neon rhinestones for your project.

There are lots of rhinestones available in traditional colours. But most rhinestone suppliers are still to catch up with the neon color fashion.

That’s where we can help. We stock a huge variety of neon rhinestones. Here’s a quick look at some of the fluorescent rhinestones we have available:

Neon Rhinestones Without Holes

These are the kind of stones you need for making jewelry. With just a little glue, you can create statement neon pieces.

Fluorescent rhinestone earrings, necklaces, bracelets. You can create each and every accessory you need to go with the neon fashion trend.

neon rhinestones-1
neon rhinestones without holes

Neon Rhinestones With Holes

These stones are perfect for anyone looking to embellish fabric – a dress or a bag for instance.

Give your design some neon bling. Just lay out your jewels. And then easily sew them into place.

neon rhinestones-2
pendants in neon colors
neon rhinestones-3
sew on neon rhinestones

A Variety of Shapes

Your jewelry design shouldn’t be limited by the shape of stones available. Our neon rhinestones come in a wide variety of different shapes.

Teardrops, diamonds, squares, oblongs, hearts. All in different sizes. Whatever design you have in mind, we have a neon rhinestone to fit the bill.

neon rhinestones
neon rhinestones

Neon Rhinestone Jewelry Inspiration

Need some neon rhinestone jewelry inspiration? There are lots of ways to incorporate fluorescent stones into a design. Here are a few ideas:

Bold Statement Necklaces

Some people might find the neon fashion a bit too bright for their taste. In that case, a bold statement necklace is a great little nod to the trend.

A bright neon rhinestone necklace can be paired with a little black dress or a casual day outfit. It will bring a touch of neon style to a look without overpowering it.

Bright Bangles

Bring some fun into your neon rhinestone design. Create bangles in different neon colors. They can be worn separately. Or put together for maximum neon impact.

Elegant Earrings

Some designers have launched neon evening wear. The color may be bold but dress designs are elegant and classic. Your jewelry and accessories can be elegant too.

Surround a central neon stone with neutral colored rhinestones. The result? Beautiful, understated earrings fit for any classy occasion.

Fluorescent Clutch Bag

Create a bag so bright you just can’t lose it! We’ve seen thousands of clutch bags embellished with rhinestones. But do something different and include neon rhinestones in your design. It will look fun and totally on trend.

Would you like to bring bright neon color into your jewelry and accessory design? Contact us today for our catalogue. Or let us send you some neon rhinestone samples. You’ll be started on your neon rhinestone project before you know it!

Looking for a neon rhinestone catalogue?

SUNMEI provides all kinds of neon rhinestones wholesale. If you are interested any fluorescent rhinestones, please contact us for more information!


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