How To Incorporate Blue Buttons Using The Pantone Color of The Year 2020

As 2020 quickly approaches, so do new trends. With everything from bold prints, to exciting finishes, to new aesthetics, we’re excited for all things fashionable and stylish headed our way in the new year.

In particular, though, we can’t seem to take our eyes off of the recently released Pantone Color of The Year: Classic Blue.


A deep indigo shade that feels calming and reassuring, this brilliant blue is a color you shouldn’t have any difficulties incorporating into your style and design. Perfectly neutral, classic blue can work both as a primary shade in a piece, but also works wonderfully when paired with other bold colors to create something that is truly striking.

Need a little inspiration for how you can incorporate more Classic Blue into your design? No worries. We’ve got your back.

Whether you’re generally looking to design a collection that feels trendy and taped into the current trends, or you’re specifically looking to incorporate Classic Blue into your creation, there are ideas here to suit everyone’s needs.

Let’s dive in.

1. Coat Buttons

As specialists in buttons, it’s probably no surprise that we’re jumping right into how you can incorporate the Pantone Color of The Year 2020 into your design with buttons on coats!

We love this option, not only because it’s a subtle way to utilize Classic Blue, but also because neutral coats tend to be preferred by the general public, and when you can add a little pop of blue to the coat by way of the button, you make the coat seem so much more special and unique.

For example, we love this pearl blue button with a small amount of gold detailing for an extra hint of dimension and style.

pantone 2020 classic blue buttons-pearl blue with gold rim
pearl blue button with a small amount of gold detailing

For something a little more classic, we also think these acrylic, round, pearl buttons would look great on a coat. They come in various sizes, but we particularly enjoy this button done subtly on the cuff of a coat.

2. Shirting Details

When you think of buttons, you might automatically think of coats, but lucky for you, buttons can be applied in various forms.

Most obviously, any blouse or cardigan will have buttons. This classic button style is one of our favorites for a cardigan or blouse.

pantone 2020 classic blue buttons-royal blue buttons
classic navy blue buttons

Having said that, we also love the idea of using blue buttons as a bead detail for your creation. For example, anything floral is always popular for Spring/Summer, and these blue buttons with a rainbow coating would look gorgeous when trying to form petals for your floral design.

blue buttons with a rainbow coating

3. Shoe Details

Moving on from clothing, you can also utilize the Pantone Color of The Year in shoe details.

We have plenty of rhinestone blue buttons that would make for the perfect pop of blue for any outfit. In particular, we would highly recommend these dramatic blue buttons as a detail on the toe of a great pair of heels.

pantone 2020 classic blue buttons-rhinestone buttons
rhinestone blue buttons

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, you can also go for these navy buttons, which come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

pantone 2020 classic blue buttons-navy blue buttons for shirts
classic navy buttons

4. Purse Details

In the same way that you can add buttons to a pair of shoes to dress them up, you also do the same to a purse.

Not only will doing so give your purse design something extra, buttons also add texture and visual interest to a purse, which never hurts.

Plus, with the blue buttons as your focus, you can nicely pair this shade with fresh white for Spring and Summer or a deep charcoal grey for the cooler months.

Try out these opal blue acrylic buttons for something classic and fresh.

pantone 2020 classic blue buttons-opal blue buttons for cardigan
opal blue acrylic buttons

Or if you prefer something with a flatter face and darker shade, you can check out these classic navy buttons.

pantone 2020 classic blue buttons-two holes navy blue
flatter face two holes navy buttons

5. Classic Blue Garment + Neutral Buttons/Coordinating Shades

Of course, though, if you’re not sold on adding blue buttons to your piece, you can always design with the Pantone Color of The Year in mind by picking out Classic Blue fabrics, and then adding in more neutral buttons, like black, white, grey, or metallic. We’ve got it all! (see our full button catalogue here)

And, to end, we also want to direct your attention to these two best-selling blue buttons:

These navy buttons come in a variety of sizes and work wonderfully for cardigans, blouses, and even shoes and accessories.

pantone 2020 classic blue buttons-navy blue buttons for blouse
classic navy buttons

Or, for something that feels both classic and statement making, the rich opal color combined with the shiny finish of these buttons should inspire your creative skills.

pantone 2020 classic blue buttons-opal blue
classic navy buttons

But really, at the end of the day, however you decide to incorporate Pantone’s Color of The Year, we’ve got a strong suspicion your customer will appreciate your eye for detail and passion for following the latest trends.

For all things blue buttons, be sure to check out the full SUNMEI BUTTON catalogue here.

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