Distinctive Pearl Rhinestone Button for Clothing, Cardigan or Blouse

Pearls are one of the accessory that will never be absent on the runway. They are used for jewelry, buttons or to embellish a collar. They are classic that elevating basics with effortless elegance.

Pearl Elements from 2018 Runways
Besides the common white and yellow pearls, we’ve introduced a complete series of nacre pearl beads in the beginning of 2018. We hope to offer our customers the widest selection for pearls. Recently, we’ve develop a new product line, combining buttons and pearl beads. Now, we are excited to introduce this new button style to you – Pearl Button with Rim !
Pearl rhinestones buttons from SUNMEI.
SUNMEI is a specialized clothing button manufacturers that provides various buttons.

There are almost 50 colors of pearl bead and silver or gold rim for button base. By mixing and matching beads and button bases, customers will have a great variety of choices.

We keep most of the pearl colors in stock, so that our customers can make orders in low MOQ. These elegant pearl buttons are very suitable for clothing, sweaters, cardigans and coats.

New Development - Pearl Rhinestone Button with Rim

The style of this new button is derived from one of our product series – stone in sewing setting We have years of manufacturing experience and always focus on every detail, especially mold development and post-processing. During the production, we use ultrasonic wave to detach the button from skeleton, so that the edge of the button is smooth, free of flash and will not scratch hands easily. We pay extra attention on the mold development. The radian and angle of the pearl bead are well designed, so it appears glossy. Also, the metallic rim brings out the elegance of pearl bead.

There are three types for the acrylic-material button base – transparent, white and black. The button rim has the metallic texture and is available in silver and gold color. 

Product Information

  • Item No.: 3518K08
  • Size: 11, 13mm
  • Pearl Bead Color: 50 pearl colors
  • Button Base: transparent with gold/silver rim, black with gold/silver rim, white with gold/silver rim
  • Button Style: Shank

Various Pearl Rhinestones Color

The most commonly seen pearl buttons are nothing else but white or yellow pearl. This pearl button with rim goes beyond the classic one and is available in almost 50 pearl colors. It is suitable for all kinds of design style.

pearl rhinestone button cardigan sweater blouse-5

Two Colors for the Button Rim

Gold is associated with luxury and silver relates to purity. In addition to the various choices for pearl bead, there are two choices for the button rim – silver and gold.

Three Button Bases

Besides the transparent base, black and white color bases are also available. Each base has its own look, so customers can choose the bases that suit their designs.

Available in Stock and Low MOQ

To make it easier for ordering, most of the colors and styles are available in stock. The MOQ is lower than before.

Application: Suitable for Clothing like Knitted Wear

Small-size pearl buttons are mostly used on clothing like knitted wear, cardigan, sweater and coats.

Other Choices for Pearl Button

If these pearl rhinestone button with rim doesn’t attract you, we have other pearl button collections. Welcome to check the pearl button catalogue for more styles.

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