Dome Shaped Pearl Buttons with Shank. Great for Cardigan and Sweater!

SUNMEI has newly developed two button style. One item is the half pearl buttons with shank, which is known as dome button. The other style is the square pearl button. They are both acrylic button but with pearl glaze. Together with the metal shank, we call it “Metal Shank Pearl Button.”


Currently the pearls on the market are mostly white. We have developed over 30 kinds of pearl color at once. Simple design with elegant luster and the metal shank are the qualities most suitable for sweater, knitted garment, blouse, coat and other lady’s garment. 

Every style we have 3 sizes. Totally over 30 kinds of colors and effects for you to choose, which provides more options for the designers. The wholesaler could also order small quantity.

Pearl Buttons with Metal Shank

Product Information

  • Item:3513, 3517
  • Size:11, 13, 15mm
  • Material:acrylic + cooper shank
  • Color:refer to the color chart below
These are all the available colors for pearl buttons with shank.

Most Exquisite Design

We have over ten years experience of molding buttons. We have the professional know-how of developing and production. Every radian and angle is carefully designed. No matter the appearance, angle, radian or even the injection gate, our buttons are more exquisite and high-quality compared to the buttons on the market.


Stable Metal Shank

The hole of the button that attached to metal shank is also well-designed. With experienced gluing technique, the metal shank is perfectly and firmly glued in the hole, which makes the buttons sturdy and durable.


Enhanced Pearl Luster

An extra coating is applied to the pearls to enhance their luster, so the pearl effect would not peel off easily, unlike the common pearl buttons on the market.


Colorful: Over 30 pearl colors

Need more options for colors? We heard your voice. As a manufacturer specialized in garment accessories, we know that color matching is an important issue for every designer. Therefore, we are introducing the classic yellow pearl, exclusive white pearl, nacre pearl and marble effect with macaron color.

pearls with a fabulous luster
colorful nacre pearl
an unique style of marble effect with macaron color

Wide application for the pearl buttons with shank.

These pearlized dome buttons with metal shank are suitable for lady’s clothes, coats, sweaters and knitted garments. However, they can also be a wonderful decorations on wedding gowns, jewelry and other craft creations!


We also collected some application of pearl button. For more inspiration, welcome to view our pinterest board.

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