New Release! Colorful and Lovely Small Round Pearl Buttons

Pearl buttons can be seen anywhere. They are widely used on sweaters, chiffon, and cardigans. I believe that you are all familiar with pearl buttons in ivory white and they have a high-class and elegant look mostly decorated on women’s clothing and accessories.

However, apart from the white pearl buttons, are there any other choices?

Following the dome shaped metal shank button we released before, we have once again launched the “Round Pearl Button” which are available in over 50 colors!

The combination of round shaped acrylic beads with the silver metal shank shows the fine structure of the piece. They can be used not just on clothing, but can also be used on hair accessories, wristbands, or even shoe accessories. Besides, they are also great for diy crafts.

small round pearl buttons

Product Information

small round pearl buttons
  • Item No.: 3522
  • Size: 8, 10, 11mm
  • Material: Acrylic+Copper
  • Color: Over 50 colors (P exclusive pearl, F opaque, H opal)
small round pearl button catalogue

Round Pearl Buttons Features

1. Metal copper shank that is more detailed than normal button shank

The button shank varies depending on the design and use. Generally, it is integrally formed and is the same as the material of the button body. This round pearl button combines acrylic and metal copper shank which makes the buttons look more high-class.

round pearl buttons-4

2. Three sizes: 8mm, 10mm, 11mm

This round button is mainly small, with the sizes of 8mm, 10mm and 11mm.

small round pearl buttons 10mm 11mm

3. Three Series of Colors: Pearl, Opal and Opaque Color

“Do you have goose yellow?” “Nope”
“Is there gold color?” “Sorry, nope.”

Color matching is a very important element in any design. A good color scheme can take the design to a new level. Other than providing faux pearl buttons, we also developed three effects, namely:

  • P Exclusive Pearl Effect: using special materials to show a different pearly texture
  • H opal effect: translucent color with opal texture
  • F opaque effect: Macaroon and colorful candy colors

In addition, there is a rich selection of colors in each effect. Like black pearl buttons, pink pearl buttons, and blue pearl buttons. Designers are no longer agonized with finding a color they like.

small round pearl buttons
P Exclusive Pearl Color

4. More than 50 colors match with any colors

small round pearl buttons
Pastel Color
small round pearl buttons
Blue Series
small round pearl buttons
Green Series
small round pearl buttons
Yellow and Orange Series
small round pearl buttons
Purple and Red Series
small round pearl buttons
Pink Series
small round pearl buttons
Brown Series
small round pearl buttons
Classic Colors: Black, White and Gray

5. Gradual Design from Light to Dark

Single color from light to dark color for a gradient color design.

small round pearl buttons

Wide Range of Uses
Suitable for Sweaters, Knitwear, Hair Accessories, Shoes

Unlike ordinary pearl buttons, this button has a metal round shank. Other than being used on sweaters, knitwear and clothing, they can also be used to decorate accessories such as headwear, shoes, bags, and more.

All Pearl Buttons are Available in Small Quantity

Different from the traditional buttons that are produced after receiving the order, this series of products are available in stock and can be ordered in small quantities. You can browse the catalog to see all the colors or contact us to request samples.

The white pearl button is a classic versatile design, but if you want a different design, the multi-colored pearl button is also a great choice. Other than the metal shank pearl button, you can also refer to the buttons with gold and silver rim to make the design more diverse!

SUNMEI is a specialized manufacturer of acrylic rhinestone and button for over 20 years. We provide a wide selections of acrylic rhinestones and buttons. Visit our product page and find out more styles!

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