[News] Tainan City Government Will Lead Fashion Textile Industry to Milan

Released Date: 2019/03/26

News Source: Commercial Times – by Li-Man Li


Model Patina Lin, Liya Wang and their colleagues on the runway wearing the clothes designed by the well-known Taiwan designers. (Photo credit: braIN TAIWAN)

“braIN Taiwan”, which is carried out by Tainan city government, Ministry of Culture and Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs, declared on the 25th of March, 15 Taiwanese companies from the textile industry and 5 designers will visit Milan Design Week in April and join the design exhibition hosted by one of the top design magazine “INTERNI”.

Through the crossover designers, the innovative textile and accessories from the 15 textile companies, which including Sinkong Textile, Everest Textile, Tex-Ray, BenQ and Junmay Label, will be transformed into art pieces that present Taiwanese culture.

Video report from the “braIN Taiwan” press conference in Taipei (News source: TNN Today)

President of the FFIA (Formosa Fashion Industry Alliance), Lung-Lung Chuang, pointed out, FFIA has gathered 10 companies from Tainan and 5 companies from north Taiwan to work on this project, including Everest Textile, Singkong Textile, Tex-Ray, Eysan Fabrics, as well as, Minglin Lace, Sunmei Buttons, Junmay Label and bag brand PG Mall and distributor Hayashi.

Chuang hoped that this event could be held yearly in the future and became one of the great events of the Taiwan fashion industry, which connected the Taiwanese textile industry. The members of FFIA have also expanded from regional, in Tainan, to national.


“braIN Taiwan” press conference held in Tainan city government. (Photo credit: by Huang Po-Lang from Newtalk)

The vice-president of the Ministry of Culture, Lien-Chuan Li, emphasized, the production value of the Taiwan textile industry has reached NTD 600 billion and the export value has reached NTD 400 billion. Tainan is one of the cities known for textile in Taiwan. Functional fabrics are especially the pride of Taiwan.

Tainan city government has held a fashion show regularly every year, which already became a big event in the fashion industry. This Milan Design Week project has been prepared for two years. With the help of the funds, the government will promote the Taiwanese textile industry to the world.

The 5 designers, who are joining the exhibition, have chosen innovative textile and quality accessories to present the Taiwanese culture. Designer Daniel Wong, used the fabrics from Sinkong Textile and the jacquards from Junmay Label to create wild style garment.

Designers Teng-Huang Tuo and Yu-Ching Chang Li used the character of the fabric from Everest Textile to create garment regarding marine environmental protection. Designer Chun-Liang Chen used special functional fabrics from Eysan fabrics, one of the suppliers of international luxury goods Louis Vuitton.

Ying-Yu Chou is the first Taiwanese designers who joined New York Fashion Week. He designed a garment using non-toxic material, AirySektor waterproof breathable film, from BenQ, to regard the marine environmental protection. Designer Ming-Mei Hsu designed a gown using the new lace fabric, which combined feather, from Minling Lace.

* The content of this article is put together by news sources. The article is translated from the Mandarin news source from Commercial Times.

“braIN TAIWAN” Exhibition Planning Information

  • Location of the exhibition: University of Milan
  • Exhibition Activity Dates: 4/08 – 4/19, 2019 (Milan Design Week is from 4/09 – 4/14, 2019)
  • Official website: https://www.meetdesignweek.com/MDW

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