[News] Italy Meets Taiwan! SUNMEI Buttons at Milan Design Week

Released Date: 2019/03/05

News Source: Yahoo Finance News

the meet lab at sunmei
The international Italian designers of “The Meet Lab” visits SUNMEI’s manufacturing facility.

Are you tired of running around textile exhibitions to get the newest info on fabrics and accessories? Do you have a hard time getting inspiration for new products even after you acquire tons of manufacturer information? Have you ever been to an exhibition where you were enlightened by both textile elements and artistic masterpieces?

Unlike traditional textile exhibitions, Milan Design Week is a design “Holy Land” that designers from across the world pilgrimage to every year. “braIN TAIWAN” is the key plan for the Tainan Government to acquire funding from the IDB to help promote the Taiwanese textile industry internationally. 4 Italian designers and 15 Taiwanese textile manufacturers were invited to collaborate in using traditional fabrics, yarns, buttons, and other elements to promote fresh artistic energy and create all new styles.


brain taiwan
The exhibition will be curated by the international team "THE MEET LAB", which is joined by Milan and Taiwan team.

The “braIN TAIWAN” exhibition plan was created by an international team made up of members from Milan and Taiwan known as “The Meet Lab”. Three things set this exhibition apart:

Three Features of "braIN TAIWAN"

  • Tradition will be revolutionized: Textile elements will be combined with art, thus providing a fresh perspective on the textile industry.
  • Professional exhibition planning: For the first time, exhibition planning will be done by an international team of 15 Taiwanese textile manufacturers, 4 top-rate Italian designers (Lorenzo Palmeri, Nicola Brembilla, Andrea Bonessa, Beatrice Arenella), and 3 professional exhibition planners (Louis Ma, Elena Christina Gemelli, Giampaolo Galenda).
  • New products and artistic inspiration will coexist in a single location: Discover fabrics, accessories, yarns, and other textile products whilst also enjoying an array of elegant art pieces.
The international Italian designers of “The Meet Lab” on their visit to Sunmei’s manufacturing facility.

This exhibition idea began with the recent presence of Italian designers in Tainan exchanging with manufacturing representatives of Taiwan’s textile industry. A leader in the button industry for over 20 years, Sunmei was selected as one of the manufacturing representatives. Sunmei supports customers through the entire process of development, production, and sales. Sunmei offers acrylic rhinestones, sew-on rhinestones, claw rhinestones and more for manufacturing all types of buttons. Sunmei is beloved by all designers due to its endless selection of acrylic rhinestones and button products.

SUNMEI’s rhinestones and buttons are predominantly used for clothing, shoes, wedding dresses, accessories, and many other fashion industries. Sunmei’s products will be on display at Milan Design Week from 4/8-4/19. All are welcome to come take a look. For more detailed information, please refer to Sunmei’s official website.

“braIN TAIWAN” Exhibition Planning Information

  • Location of the exhibition: University of Milan
  • Exhibition Activity Dates: 4/08 – 4/19, 2019 (Milan Design Week is from 4/09 – 4/14, 2019)
  • Official website: https://www.meetdesignweek.com/MDW

Hope to meet us at Milan Design Week?

We will send one of our sales to Milan for Milan Design Week. If you would like to meet our sales for acrylic rhinestone or buttons, please contact us to arrange a meeting!


SUNMEI is a specialized manufacturer of acrylic rhinestone and button for over 20 years. We provide a wide selections of acrylic rhinestones and buttons. Visit our product page and find out more styles!