First Time in Milan Design Week with International Designers

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Milan Design Week came to a successful conclusion last Week. SUNMEI was honored to participate in this exhibition and had two art exhibits on display at the University of Milan.

Milan Design Week is an annual event that attracts designers, media curators and architects from all over the world. Over the course of the two weeks of Design Week, Milan attracted nearly half a million participants. The exhibition also covers a wide range of concepts, personal items, furniture, and more. It is difficult to walk the streets of Milan without feeling the power of the design.

For the first time, Brain Taiwan was curated by the Tainan Municipal Government at Universita degli Studi di Milano. There were exhibitions of static and dynamic shows in cooperation with INTERNI, a pioneer design magazine, to combine the textile industry in Taiwan with fashion design and make it onto the international stage for the world to see.

brain taiwan
此展覽由米蘭與台灣共組的國際團隊「THE MEET LAB」規劃

News About Milan Design Week

The dynamic exhibition features 40 local models led by Chia-Chi Lin (who is also the Ambassador of Taiwan), presenting 40 sets of works from well-known designers in Taiwan, including Stephane Dou and Changlee Yugin, Ji, May Hsu and Justin Zhou, and others.

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The static exhibition was held in The University of Milan, planned by the international curatorial team from The Meet Lab. With the raw materials produced by 15 Taiwan textile companies as its nexus, 25 art exhibits were created, and the number of visitors on the first day of the exhibitions exceeded 5,000. In total, they attracted up to 100,000 visitors over the past two weeks.

As an acrylic rhinestone manufacturer, we also belong to the textile industry. We were very honored to have this opportunity to cooperate with the international team, so that the rhinestone products of Sun Mei could be exhibited in a different light for the first time. The two art exhibits were TRANSPARENCY AND BEAUTY by Andrea Bonessa and CRYSTAL SCREEN by Beatrice Arenella, which fully showed the high quality and diversity of SUNMEI’s products.


The following are the exhibits and aesthetic design concepts of SUNMEI:


Picture of Designer<br>Andrea Bonessa

Andrea Bonessa

Andrea Bonessa is an artist with all perspectives. He has great experience in the fields of architecture and industrial design. Meanwhile, he is also a great problem solver. It can be seen from his design of bookshelves for a bookstore, Bonessa has a great ability of having the perfect balance between aesthetic and practicality.

  • Inspiration:
    Transparency and Beauty by Andrea Bonessa was conceived to underline the happy and playful nature of Taiwanese people and at the same time the research on beauty and the quality of the Sun Mei products.

  • Project Description:
    A light Chinese door made of blue, red and white acrylic stone as a tribute to the Taiwanese flag, and will invite visitors to enter and discover the Taiwanese skills

brain taiwan-transparency and beauty by andrea bonessa
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Picture of Designer<br>Beatrice Arenella

Beatrice Arenella

Beatrice Arenella specializes in visual art creation. She is a photographer and film maker, and has been working on still and motion pictures for 15 years. Arenella inhabits in Milan, and works as a freelancer with many institutions and companies, and produces poetic and aesthetic images. She directs visual communication of exhibitions and set-ups of a museum as well. She has great curiosity of surroundings, and is a sharp observer. She has a great sense of visual presentation and unique vision.

  • Inspiration:
    Crystal screen by Beatrice Arenella is conceived to emphasize the variety and the quality of the Sun Mei production. A huge screen of crystals will create a magical atmosphere of lights and reflections.

  • Project Description:
    The structure of the artwork is composed of the same modules that contain the acrylic stones exactly as they come out of the mold machine. The stones will be in different formats: the lower the larger ones, the higher the smaller ones, to refer to a process of tension to lightness (earth-sky)

brain taiwan-crystal screen by beatrice arenella
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“braIN TAIWAN” Exhibition Planning Information

  • Location of the exhibition: University of Milan
  • Exhibition Activity Dates: 4/08 – 4/19, 2019 (Milan Design Week is from 4/09 – 4/14, 2019)
  • Official website:

For more live coverage, you are welcome to watch the video recording from on-site.

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