A Guide to Buying Rhinestone Buttons

Rhinestone buttons are everywhere. You’ve probably seen them on clothing, jewelry, shoes and bags. Even on the headbands that have recently popped back into fashion.

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But finding rhinestone buttons to buy isn’t always so easy. Whether you’re looking for rhinestone buttons for your store or for your next craft project, trying to understand the different options available can put your head in a spin.

And even if you know what you want, finding a supplier who stocks the shape and color you’re looking for presents another challenge.

That’s why we’ve put together this article – our guide to buying rhinestones. We want to give you the lowdown on rhinestone buttons, help you to decide which rhinestone button is right for you and give you some tips on finding the right supplier.

So let’s get started…

Everything you Need to Know About Rhinestone Buttons

What is a Rhinestone Button?

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Let’s start with the basics. A rhinestone button is simply a rhinestone glued onto a button base. The button base usually comes with a shank, which means the button can easily be sewn onto fabrics.

Rhinestone buttons can be used on garments. Or to decorate accessories like bags and hair bows. Or to create jewelry. Wherever you use them, they’re sure bring a bit of glam and sparkle to a project or design.

How are Rhinestone Buttons Made?

The way in which rhinestone buttons are made will depend upon the materials being used. But as a general rule, base and rhinestone are created separately and then glued together.

Acrylic rhinestones are made by melting, coloring and moulding the plastic into the required rhinestone shape. Glass and crystal rhinestones are made by precision cutting and polishing the material.

Both plastic button bases and metal bases are made by melting and moulding the material. When cooled, the button bases are then electroplated to give them a shiny gold or silver finish.

What Different Types of Rhinestone Button are Available?

When you know where to look, you’ll find a huge variety of rhinestone buttons available. Differences in material, size, color, shape and style mean the right rhinestone button for you is out there somewhere.


Different materials can be used for both the rhinestone and the button base.

The rhinestone can be made from Swarovski crystal, glass or acrylic (a kind of plastic).

The button base can be made from a metal alloy, which is heavy and tends to be expensive. Or ABS plastic, which looks similar but tends to be much lighter, cheaper and comes in a wider variety of shapes.

You can find rhinestone buttons that use any combination of these rhinestone and button base materials.

The most luxurious (and expensive) option is a Swarovski stone paired with a metal base. A metal base with glass stone is probably the most common rhinestone button on the market. And the pairing of plastic base with acrylic stone is the least costly and offers the most variety in terms of colour, shape and style.


Rhinestone buttons come in a wide variety of sizes. They range from tiny (less than 9mm across) to extra-large (closer to 41mm)

Smaller rhinestone buttons might be perfect for kids clothing or a wedding dress. Whilst larger rhinestone buttons will make a statement when sewn onto a dress or a coat.

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Round rhinestone buttons are fairly standard. But if you want a fancy rhinestone button shape, there are plenty of varieties to discover.

There are square, oblong, teardrop, oval or heart shaped rhinestone buttons. You can find a single rhinestone or a large gem with smaller stones clustered around it.

And then there are beautiful little flower shaped rhinestone buttons that always look so pretty.


Why limit yourself to a plain color palette? Simple, clear rhinestone buttons look great for the right kind of project. But if you want to brighten things up there are always other colors to choose from.

Colored rhinestone buttons create unlimited design options. Opt for a single color like blue, pink or black. Choose double color rhinestone buttons. Or give a bit of classic glamor to a project by choosing a pearl and rhinestone button.


Rhinestone buttons come with two kinds of button base. Most come with a shank, which makes them perfect for sewing onto clothing or accessories. Others come with a flat back, which means you need to glue them into place.

How to Choose the Right Rhinestone Button?

So we’ve covered the different materials, sizes, colors, styles and shapes of rhinestone buttons. But how do you choose the right rhinestone button for you? You need to ask yourself a couple of questions.

What are you using the rhinestone button for?

Looking for rhinestone buttons for a craft project? Flat back buttons that you glue into place might be the best option. For clothing, a shank style rhinestone button is easier to work with.

Also consider the size of the item and where you plan to put the rhinestone buttons when deciding on the size.

What is your style?

Are you going for a classic look or something cutting edge? Is your design colorful or understated? Your style choices will inform the color and shape of the rhinestone buttons you choose.

What is your budget?

The price you want to pay for your rhinestone buttons will dictate the materials available to you.

If you’re able to pay top dollar, you might opt for Swarovski paired with a metal alloy button base. But if you’re looking for something inexpensive, acrylic and ABS rhinestone buttons are the way to go.

And, even if you have a lot of money to spend, you might be better sticking with acrylic and ABS. If variety is your priority, you’ll find a much greater selection of colors and shapes with these cheaper materials.

Where to Buy Rhinestone Buttons?

Where you buy rhinestone buttons will depend upon your requirements. If you just need a couple of buttons, you’ll find stores selling them online. A quick Google search should throw up a number of brands.

But if you want to get more than a handful of buttons at the best possible price, buying rhinestone buttons wholesale is the best option.

When deciding on a manufacturer or a supplier, you need to think carefully about the following:

  • The selection of buttons on offer. Some might specialize in just Swarovski gems, for instance. Or they may only provide a limited variety in shape and color.
  • The minimum order requirement (MOQ). Every supplier and wholesaler has a different MOQ. If the MOQ is high, you’ll have to buy a large number of the same rhinestone button if you want to make an order.

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