Why Choose Fancy Buttons Made from Acrylic?

Garment accessories might be small. But any designer knows they have a big impact on a finished product. Classic or cutting edge, glam or understated – the right buttons will help to define a garment’s style. And fancy buttons can really make a design feel original and unique.

If you’re a designer or wholesaler bored by the simple, round buttons on offer, you need to take a look at acrylic. Acrylic can be made into a wide range of fancy designs. And it comes in a huge variety of shapes and colors.

acrylic fancy buttons-cover

Here we give you the lowdown on acrylic buttons. And explain why this material is so suited to fancy button designs.

Why Choose Fancy Buttons Made from Acrylic?

Acrylic is the perfect material for fancy buttons. It’s clear, shiny and bright. It’s a lightweight material and, compared to crystal buttons which often contain heavy metals like lead, it’s environmentally friendly too.

What’s more, it can be used to create buttons of huge variety:

Acrylic buttons come in many colors

Acrylic buttons are made using an injection molding process. By mixing in different color pigments during the process, it’s possible to create any color imaginable.

What’s more, these colors are stable meaning they won’t fade over time or with washing.

Acrylic buttons come in many shapes and styles

When we’re making buttons with acrylic, we aren’t limited to a simple, round shape. Opal, square, heart shaped… There’s a shape to suit any garment design.

We also have greater control over button fixtures. Acrylic buttons are available with two holes, tunnel holes and a shank backing, giving designers greater flexibility when it comes to applying their garment fastenings and embellishments.

acrylic fancy buttons-different fixures-shank two holes and tunnel holes

Crystal vs Acrylic for Fancy Buttons

When you’re searching for fancy buttons, crystal is another material that tends to crop up. So how is crystal different to acrylic?

At a first glance, crystal buttons look very similar to acrylic buttons. Crystals are clear and shiny, just like acrylic.

But there are a few key differences:

  • Acrylic is made from plastic. Crystal is made from glass.
  • Crystal buttons are heavier than acrylic buttons.
  • Acrylic buttons come in a much greater variety of colors than crystal buttons.
  • Crystal buttons are more expensive than acrylic buttons.
  • Crystal buttons can be dry-cleaned, whereas acrylic buttons cannot.

Crystal buttons are seen as the luxury option. But because they are heavy, they are not always suited to lighter garments and materials.

How to Choose Good Quality Acrylic Buttons

If you decide that acrylic is the best material for your fancy buttons, the next task is finding good quality buttons. So how can you tell if an acrylic button has been well-made?

  1. Check the Brightness. How does the light catch the button? Is it clear, bright and shiny?
  2. Check the Edges. A button that has been finished properly will be smooth to touch. If the edges feel scratchy and raw, the button is of poor quality.
  3. Check the Color. Is the color vibrant? And does the color stay fast to the button?
  4. Check the Backing. Does the silver button backing scratch off easily? Or is it strong and durable?

Where to Use Fancy Acrylic Buttons

Fancy buttons made from acrylic can be used as a statement fastening for a garment. But their uses don’t end there.

They can be used in DIY crafts. And to add embellishment. Sewn onto the collar of a shirt, or the front of a ballet pump or onto a handbag, fancy buttons bring a bit of bling to any design.

plastic acrylic buttons on shirts shoes and crafts

If you’re interested in sourcing acrylic buttons, visit our product page. We have acrylic buttons in a wide variety of colours, shapes and fancy button styles. Alternatively, contact us for a price list and more information.

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