Nacre Pearl Effect: The Pearl Beads with Divine Colors Inspired by The Mother Nature

The Mother Nature gave birth to numerous lives. She has the characteristic of toughness, tolerance and evolution and embraces the diversity of lives. We learn from the her and look for creative inspirations.

The appearance of color, clarity and luster of natural pearls will depend on various environmental conditions as they grow. Learning from the Mother-Nature, we have applied special spray technique to the acrylic stones and have developed around fifty pearl colors, including basic, gem, neon and pastel colors in this nacre pearl effect series.


There are two types of acrylic pearl beads – sew-on-beads with two holes and flat back beads without holes. The cabochon surface is similar to the circular arc surface of pearl which makes the beads look as elegant as the real pearl.

SUNMEI has developed around fifty colors for this color series. We provide you the widest selections for every color systems.

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In the following, we would like to show you some elements from the Nature, which are related to our pearl colors. We hope it will give you some inspiration.

Pastel Pearl Colors: Succulent Plants, Tulip, Snow, Sunset

Neon: Aurora, Tropic

Khaki, Yellow and Orange: Woods, Snails, Sea Sand


Pink and Purple: Amethyst, Lavender, Masterwort

Blue and Green: Beach, Agate stone, Blue Sky

After seeing these collections, were you inspired by the new pearl effects?

There are 10 styles for flat back pearl beads and 7 styles for sew-on-beads. As for the colors, we’ve selected around 40 colors. All the styles and colors are available in stock, so you do not have to worry about high MOQ.


Styles of Flat Back Pearl Beads

  • 10 styles in total
  • Apply: glue on or inlay
  • Application: Jewelry, Shoes/Bags Accessory

Colors of Flat Back Pearl Beads

Styles of Sew on Pearl Beads

  • 7 styles in total
  • Apply: glue on or inlay
  • Application: Clothing, Sweater, Wedding Dresses, Shoes, Bags

Colors of Sew on Pearl Beads

If you have any interests in the nacre pearl effect series, please feel free to contact us and get samples. To see more applications and inspirations of nacre pearl effect, welcome to follow our pinterest account.

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