Sewing Claw Rhinestones in an Upgraded Claw Setting! Great for Garment and Sweater

After a long developing phase, we can finally introduce this new product line of SUNMEI! It’s a new version of the clawed rhinestone. We name it the four-dots-clawed rhinestones.

The four-dots-clawed rhinestones is exclusive developed by SUNMEI, which are combined with rhinestones and four-dots-clawed bases. The idea of the base design came from the jewelry setting method.


Prong setting is one of the most common method in jewelry design. Compare to the bezel setting, prong setting could magnify the explicit feature of the jewelry.


Like our rhinestones in sew on setting series, the four-dots-clawed rhinestones also avoid the problem of yarn hooking or stone falling. Yet, the four-dots-clawed rhinestones can magnify the plumpness of the rhinestones.


It has taken us more than one year to develop this serie of products. During the development, we kept adjusting and correcting the cutting surface and the angle of every claws, because we were eager to make our products look as exquisite as jewelry.


The biggest feature of SUNMEI is that we offer numerous options of styles, colors and effects. For this series, we have release 9 kinds of shapes, 28 kinds of styles in total. Each style has more than 360 kinds of color effects to choose.

J2 Yellow Pearl
Dark black rhinestone in four-dots-settings
Different kinds of shapes and cutting surfaces combined with four-dots-clawed settings.
Three different kinds of round rhinestones could also be used on four-dots-clawed setting.

These products could be widely used, for example, on garments, shoes, bags and, of course, on any kinds of accessories like necklace, earrings and jewelry.


The SC series has 9 kinds of shapes and 28 of styles, more than 360 color effect available for you to choose!

More information about Four Dots Claw Rhinestone


Strass Incastonati Quattro Punti

Lo strass incastonato quattro punti è uno strass incastonato migliorato sviluppato e prodotto in esclusiva da SUNMEI, che può essere combinato perfettamente con strass e basi a quattro punti. Senza causare problemi di aggrovigliamento del filato o caduta della pietra, possono essere ampiamente utilizzati su maglioni, maglie teoria e altri indumenti.

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