Originated from Opal Stone. Opal Beads for Jewelry Making.

Following the trend by the world famous crystal brand Swarovski, we also developed opal colors for acrylic rhinestone. Different from transparent and shiny effect, the series features the glaze of opal stone. This elegant and fresh opal effect has been one of our hot selling effects.


Since we have over 25 years of color toning experiences, our opal effect is one of the kind. Every single optal color is exclusively mixed by SUNMEI.

All the products with opal color are made directly from raw material without other finishings, which distinguish us from the market – our optal colors will not fade out easily and will always look clear, not muddy.


We have released 36 opal colors so far. There are not only classic opal colors, but also distinctive neon colors. It looks very shiny when applying on fabrics.


Opal effect is not only applied on claw rhinestone and stone in sew on settings, it can also be added to acrylic rhinestones without holes, sew on stones and acrylic buttons.

Neon opal colors acrylic stone in turtle surface.
Cabochon sew on rhinestones with fluorescent colors.
Cabochon acrylic stones with flat back.
Sew on stone in turtle surface. The basic color is elegant as well.

Are you thinking these are all the opal effects? Of course not! We apply ceramic finish on opal effect and make the stone even more shiny!

This ceramic opal effect is mostly applied on acrylic button. Not matter it’s cabochon button (we call it mushroom button) or it’s faceted shank button, they all look very sparkling.

They are widely used on women’s clothing. Whilst applying on women’s clothing, they will make the garment pops out!

The shank buttons with faceted surface look very shiny with ceramic finishing.
Opal colored cabochon buttons look sparkling with ceramic effect.
All types of opal buttons with ceramic effect.
Charactersitc opal ceramic rhinestones in clawed settings.

Like this product series? If there’s any ideas or questions, you are always welcome to send us a message!

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