2016 Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabric. 5 Highlights Worth Visiting!

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We’ve been looking forward to exhibit at the Intertextile Shanghai Fair for a long time and it’s happening soon! It will be held in only two weeks.

We have already invited our partners, customers and friends to visit our booth. To promote our booth, we have also updated our website banner, so that the visitors to our website will be informed.


Our marketing team has put a lot of efforts into creating the booth every time. Expect that the booth is expanded this time, we have listed five more highlights that worth visiting for you. Moreover, we will give away very nice gifts at the exhibition!

Now, here are some preview of the exhibiting product series this year:

Classic Sew on Rhinestone Series

Sew on rhinestone has been one of our hot selling products of all time. No matter it’s with two holes, with one middle hole, with metal claw or with plastic sew on setting, they are always the most requested products.

The main reason why the sew on rhinestones are so popular is that they can be widely used on any products by sewing. Also, there are numerous styles, colors and effect available. With us, you have a variety of choices for the sew on rhinestones!


There will be a display board for sew on rhinestone at our booth . We are looking forward to showing them to you.

Over 360 colors & effects dispay exclusively

«Providing the most diverse choices to our customer.” is one of our business concepts. Thus, we keep developing new styles, colors and effects to create uniqueness and achieve the greatest value.

For this year’s exhibition, we will select several series of acrylic rhinestones for you. The selected series will be displayed with detailed information at our booth.